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Another in the series of PlayBlue blog posts supporting our brilliant brands. If you have ever tried own brand rubbish you will understand why a good branded sex toy makes a world of difference. You might get a sex toy a little cheaper own brand but you will do well to get a week out of them.

This time we are celebrating another of our partner brands Rocks Off. A UK brand that has built a solid reputation for quality and power. One of the innovators in vibrating bullets it has spent years perfecting them. Now they use them as the engines that drive their whole range. We have always been a huge believer in Rocks Off and have been selling them since Day 1 at PlayBlue.

The Rocks Off range is forever expanding with the selection now including the trusted prostate vibrator range through to the industry leading bullets all the way to their rabbits. Rocks Off have grown to become one of those few brands that offer the full gamut of sex toys.

Rocks Off have edgy stylish packaging that make them the perfect gift and in-store they always draw attention. Market leaders in bullets you can buy cheap €10 bullets all the way to chunky full size rechargeable power machines like the Chaiamo for €40.

Only using the best materials with Medical grade Silicone and metals this is a luxury brand at incredible prices. So let's have a browse through some of the most popular sex toys Rocks Off sell.

Rocks Off

Bullet Vibrators

It's Rocks Off so we have to start with their bullet vibrator range. Rocks Off sell the biggest selling bullet in the world the RO-80mm at only €9.95. In a range of colours and super simple to use the RO-80mm is perfect for first timers and for when you just want to keep it simple. No frills apart from Rocks Off quality and power. Step up to the Truly Yours range of bullets in a few sizes from RO-90mm for €15.95 to the RO-160mm for €24.95. These are multi-speed vibrant red power machines with precision stimulation. Then for when only the best will do you are talking the Chaiamo €39.95 and the Havana €36.95. Rechargeable with different textures and designs to deliver the ultimate bullet experience.

Anal Play Toys

If you don't think bullets with Rocks Off then it's Anal Play. Rocks Off have had a best selling Range of Anal Toys for a decade and it is still one of the best you can get. Starting at vibrating beads and plugs like the Pearls Petite for €19.95 and the Petite Sensations for €19.95. These are anal toys built around the bullet Rocks Off have perfected. Effectively medical grade silicone sleeves wrapped around the bullets which can be removed for solo play. 

Then we move up to the Butt Quiver for €29.95 a premium grade vibrating butt plug to one of my favourites the RO-Zen €34.95 a multi toy vibrating butt plug and dual silicone cock ring - all I can say is it is an incredible experience. 

Finally the world famous range of prostate stimulators like the Naughty Boy, Cheeky Boy, Bad Boy €55.95 and beginners O-Boy €38.95. These are the last word in prostate play and there is a size and style to suit the beginner all the way to the pros.

Anything Else?

Yes loads but finally I just want to discuss a few more that I absolutely love. The Regala Full Body Orgasm Vibrator €59.95 is a top of the range rabbit vibrator that has it all. Dual motors, Medical Silicone, Waterproof, Magnetic Charging etc. It is an absolute winner. Then Rocks Off have created the Oriel Wand €49.95 which is a hand held unisex pleasure machine.

I also need to quickly mention the Xerus rechargeable Couples Cock Ring €37.95 the best cock ring you'll ever buy and the Every Girl Rabbit vibrator €59.95 a smaller version of the Regala which is great for beginners and a little less intimidating but just as powerful.

I could go on, I haven’t even mentioned half of Rocks Off's best sellers but I think you can see we are big fans and all I can say is no one is ever disappointed with a Rocks Off. 

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in February 2021 and of course prices and selection of products is subject to change.

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