PlayBlue Deadly Deals

Our PlayBlue DeadlyDeals is something we don’t really crow about enough and is almost a little secret that our loyal customers know about. Well it’s time to crow about it. 

Every 5-9 days (I know that purely depends on if I’m too excited or a little lazy) we send out our DeadyDeal email offer, which usually consists of a mad special offer for a single product. It is always at least 50% off and lands in our subscribers email around 9am (usually). 

Then it’s a race against time as the DeadlyDeal only lasts 24 hours and while we have stock. This usually causes a flood of panicked orders and groans from our order pickers. We do run the same deals again if they were really popular but usually months apart and sometimes never. The point here is that we don’t lie when we say 24 hours and sorry but if you miss it you miss it. 

PlayBlue DeadlyDeal

Above is a sample DeadlyDeal we ran a couple of weeks back to give you an idea and that is one that we got a huge response for. 

We spend days bulk sourcing products for DeadlyDeals and this can involve plenty of heated supplier arguments which we make no apology for. Our goal is to get fantastic sex toys at the lowest prices to our loyal customers.

Subscribing for our DeadlyDeals is super easy, all we need is your email address and you can Subscribe Here. We also include an optional auto subscription in our order checkout process so if you have ordered from us before you could already be subscribed.

The only information we keep is your email address. We don’t need anything else so you don’t have to worry about us sharing your information, we don’t have any. We of course would never share your email address with anyone else guaranteed - look being discreet is what we do, if we started that kind of messing we’d be toast.

To unsubscribe is also super simple. No messing or surveys or questions or are you sures. Simply we have a link in the top and bottom of every DeadlyDeal email. Just click on it and you are unsubscribed. If you click on it by accident you will need to resubscribe.

So look if you are not subscribed you are missing out and it won’t hurt to check it out for a couple of weeks and if you are not interested no harm no foul unsubscribe simple!

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