PlayBlue - 2022 A look back

We started the year still smothered in lockdowns and COVID rules with boom time online but a ghost town on the high street. Then Freedom day on the 26th of January and we could at last start to move on to a more normal post-COVID life. We thought then after Valentine’s day we could sail in calm waters for the rest of the year. Bang Ukraine War, Energy Crisis, Cost of Living Spiral, Housing Crisis will we ever get a quiet year again?

PlayBlue 2022 In Review

In terms of PlayBlue sales had exploded during COVID years but have of course plateau-ed since but at a much higher level than before. Shopping online is now a normal everyday convenience for the majority of us. This year we have seen a huge increase in Male sex toys, Lubricants and Brands which are probably our biggest sales trends and we are delighted to see this too. Male toys should be normal and accepted and are just incredible nowadays in what they can do. There is no reason not to include them in a healthy fun sex life. I am particularly thrilled to see lube sales take off with every second order now including lube. I’ve been preaching it for years “everything is better with lube” and the Irish public seems to be listening. 

Social media and lockdowns have played a part in brand emergence and again it is something we are thrilled with. A brand buyer will generally get a better sex toy and better experience so satisfied will probably buy more. Brands like Doxy, Lovense, Satisfyer, Womanizer, AutoBlow, Fleshlight, Rocks Off and loads more are all now performing much better which will ensure these companies continue to innovate so it really is a win-win.

Over 500 New Products in 2022 - Loads of new brands and loads of instant classics. A sex toy needs to be a little special to make the PlayBlue cut nowadays so this is an incredible load of new choice.

Viktoria SexCoach - Viktoria churns out blogs and videos all year and has helped loads of people and answered tons of questions. She is an absolute machine.

Same Day Dublin Deliveries - We have introduced same day and express delivery with GRAB in Dublin totally free of charge. Why? Because it just makes our customers happier.

PlayBlue Charities - We still quietly give €1 on every order to our Charity partners and the work they do with this cash is humbling.

1,000 TrustPilot Reviews - Over 1,000 independent customer reviews and the verdict is in - PlayBlue are great! 

PlayBlue Videos - Added 100s of new product videos that I know our customers love and the plan is to do hundreds more in 2023.

PlayBlue DeadlyDeals - Our biggest Deadly Deals year ever. We ran 62 deals this year, next year we are going even higher. If you are not signed up to our newsletter you are literally missing out on our best deals.

PlayBlue Favourites - A new initiative I hope will help customers choose the best sex toys. Our expert staff have chosen the best products in their opinion in our most popular segments. Check it out.

Bye Bye PlayBlue Kilkenny - It was sad for us to finally accept that PlayBlue Kilkenny had come to the end of the road. We lost staff members we have had for years and we miss our great Kilkenny customers. 

2022 has been a year of more of the same for PlayBlue but just do it better. Everything we do is getting bigger and fast and better. More products, more videos, more blogs, more deliveries, more DeadlyDeals. We are blessed with the staff we have who have worked with us throughout the tough times and are always great. Working at PlayBlue is not easy we hope they feel well treated and paid because we ask alot of our staff but we know they can handle it and we hope they have enjoyed the year too.

We have also grown the number of suppliers we deal with to ensure we get the best selection and availability and price. At PlayBlue we firmly believe a fair deal is the best deal and I know every suppliers appreciates this and has supported and worked with us to make PlayBlue the success it is today. Thank you suppliers we are looking forward to more deals and drinks in 2023.

Our couriers have also worked with us through tough times and are always on the line listening to us nagging them about deliveries. We call them every single day looking for a delivery to be done quicker, I know it must be super annoying but we can’t apologise for looking for the best for our customers. 

Finally of course our 1,000s of customers loads of old friends and tons of new customers have made PlayBlue 2022 hard work but great fun. So thank you all and I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Here’s hoping you get something that buzzes in your Christmas stocking.

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