PlayBlue - 11th Birthday!!!

Forgetting your partner's birthday can be embarrassing and a source of a little friction and not the good kind. But we at PlayBlue have managed to forget our own birthday. Maybe it’s a sign we’re getting older, maybe just the heat of the last week meant we just couldn’t think.

Anyway Happy belated 11th Birthday to us. 11 Years ago on the 18th of July myself and Richie had the idea to start PlayBlue, then it was only a name that Richie plugged out of his arse, which I still love, and an idea that was far from fully formed. We didn’t even have a location, we were a  real under the bed eCommerce startup.

Happy Birthday PlayBlue

Well thanks to a load of hard work and learning on the job, much dodging and weaving especially in the early days we have grown the business and ourselves to something we are really proud of. The business was born out of the ashes of the financial crash and has survived through Brexit, a Pandemic and countless other obstacles to thrive.

Honestly we created PlayBlue initially out of a need to make money but isn’t that how all real businesses must start? Look we sell sex toys we are passionate about it and very professional in how we operate but it should be fun too and it definitely has been. We’re not selling insurance or doing brain surgery we have had a ball dealing with all our great customers (and a few really weird ones - you know who you are) fixing problems and making buying sex toys in Ireland easy, safe, fun and affordable. 

We pride ourselves in offering a world-class service and the lowest guaranteed prices. We may be having fun but we will always strive to improve and do everything the right way and treat everyone we deal with fairly. It might be a little naive but we want everyone dealing with PlayBlue to feel like winners who have been treated honestly and fairly, be it customers, staff, suppliers, anyone. We have always been adding products, features, new retail options, not all worked anyone remember PlayBlueMovies or PlayBlueSubscription or GayBlue. These to me just show we have never been afraid to try new ways to improve.

So thank you to all our customers for supporting us. To all our great staff, we really have brilliant staff and anyone who has ever had any dealings in-store or online with them knows they are the best, thank you. To our great service contractors who work relentlessly to make us better, thanks, To all our great suppliers and partner brands that have worked with us and fought with us to get the best products and prices for our customers, we really appreciate and value our relationships. To our technology suppliers like Shopify, AWS, Microsoft Azure, TurboSMTP and the host of others working away in the background to make us look good I want to send you all a great big thank you. 

So Richie here's to the next decade and may we never stop trying to make PlayBlue the greatest sex shop in the world - while having fun.

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