Pickup Options

Not everyone wants to get their PlayBlue packages delivered. Could be for many reasons. Living at home with parents and nosey Mammy always opens your package …by “accident”. Or maybe it is a surprise gift for herself and she always beats you home and a mystery package might be just too much temptation.

Pickup Options

Well the easiest option is to choose Shop Pickup at checkout if you live in the Dublin region. We don’t offer pickup from Cork as we don’t hold all the stock in the Cork store so pickup options are always complicated by ordering products not in stock. But as our warehouse is at the back of the Tallaght store we have everything ready to go.

To choose this option just at the start of Checkout click on Pickup instead of the default Ship and then checkout as normal. You will receive a “shipped” email as normal when your parcel is ready to collect. Usually it is packed inside an hour. Then just pop in and collect, we may ask for some ID.

Another easier and more widespread option is now that we use An Post for deliveries you can just take advantage of their incredible delivery network and options. We advise you to download the An Post app and then you can choose Alternate delivery locations, Pickup options or just wait for a missed delivery and pickup at the local An Post depot.

We are new to An Post only just a couple of months in and we have been delighted with the service they have been providing. Our customers based on feedback seem to be delighted too.

Finally another option for Pickup is the OohPod network. With Parcel Motel now dead OohPod are moving in to fill the gap. It works in much the same way except the address you choose is the location you want the parcel delivered. Please note you have to be registered with OohPod and there is a fee for using their system. We have no affiliation with them and when we get a parcel being delivered to OohPod we can only track to the oohPod location. We have no choice but to consider it delivered then. Parcels in their network is something you are going to need to talk to them regarding as we have no relationship with them or way to trace them once delivered. I hope they expand their network quickly as at the moment (as of May 2023) it seems to be centered around Dublin, the North and a few in Cork. 

Our delivery is super discreet, all double packed with no business name or contents listed on the parcel but getting a pickup is still something many customers like and we are delighted to be able to offer a few options.

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