Paying for Sex Toys with Laser or Visa Debit or PayPal...Easy!

Paying with PayPal or Laser or Visa Debit on PlayBlueOK for us this is a biggy, our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to pay on PlayBlue. We want to make it possible to pay on PlayBlue using whatever is convenient to you.


We have always taken Laser, Credit Cards, PayPal and even cheques in the post. But with the advent of these new Visa Debit cards there has been a little confusion.


Well Visa Debit cards are in effect just credit cards that are backed by your bank account the exact same way as a Laser card was, but with a couple of big advantages.


First off because it is operated through Visa it means your Laser number now looks like a Visa number meaning you can use it anywhere where Visa is accepted. So you should be able to use PayPal with a Visa Debit card or pay on all major internet sites that would accept Laser.


You can also now (theoretically anyway) use your Visa Debit card on holidays but we’ve heard there has been a few issues with this so maybe for now until all the bugs are ironed out bring a backup payment option too.


We still accept Laser but I suppose this is dying out but until it does rest assured we will always accept Laser.


That brings us to PayPal. There seems to be a little bit of confusion on how PayPal works. Well, all PayPal do is to allow you to pay for internet transactions using credit cards or your PayPal account. You DO NOT have to create a PayPal account to pay with PayPal, you can pay as a guest and just enter your credit card information as you would on other website.


My advice is to create an account if you plan to do any shopping on the internet, because nearly every website out there allows you to pay with PayPal making checkout super easy as all you need to do is enter your PayPal password. If you forget it is also easy to retrieve with a few clicks on PayPal.


Finally you can still pay with cash if you prefer. We have details of how this can be done on the website but it is also listed as a separate payment option with simple to follow instructions.


The take away here is that paying with PlayBlue is easy and we allow you to pay any way you want so don’t sweat it, at PlayBlue we have you covered.

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