Passion Lingerie - Now Includes Gorgeous Tights

At PlayBlue we love Passion Lingerie, since we started stocking them in 2015 we have added to the range constantly and now we stock hundreds of items from them and they have been our best selling lingerie brand for the last 18 months. Well they have launched a whole new line of sexy stockings and tights to complement their other ranges. We started a month ago by stocking 22 different sets to see how they would go with our discerning customers, well it’s safe to say at this stage they are a winner with many of these initial styles already sold out and we are already planning on extending the range.

PlayBlue has a couple of simple rules before we stock a product, it must be quality made, must be value for money and must have some unique quality we don’t want to just stock 500 variations on the same product. Passion Lingerie is European made (Italian) and the quality difference shows. We’ve tried stocking cheap Chinese lingerie in the past and never again, sizes are all over the place quality is seriously hit and miss and reliability of deliveries is patchy too. The reputational damage of selling low quality is never a good idea so we don’t do it, once bitten twice shy.

Anyway back to Passion Lingerie, the initial feedback we have for the stockings and tights has been brilliant and we are in discussions to stock the full range. With prices as low as €4.95 and a full range of sizes and styles you are sure to find the perfect pair of stockings or tights to add that little extra to any look.

Make sure to check back to the Passion shop regularly as we have loads of new styles arriving before Christmas and you will want to make sure you grab your sexy little treat before they sell out.

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