Parcel Motel Now FREE to use with PlayBlue

Update 6th Dec 2018 :- We've made a little change to Parcel Motel with PlayBlue it's still 100% FREE but you need a Parcel Motel account. 

We have struck agreement with Parcel Motel to now offer FREE deliveries and pickups using Parcel Motel. No need for an account with Parcel Motel all you need is an Irish Mobile Number and you choose the Parcel Motel location you want to pick-up at.

That’s It!

Parcel Motel

No charge to Pickup for you either we’ll cover that too. Normal Free delivery rules apply i.e. you need to spend €20 to get free delivery. But you will not be charged by Parcel Motel to pickup. If you do have a Parcel Motel Account number and wish to use it no problem either, just on the Shipping address put in your Parcel Motel ID and we’ll use this to send to Parcel Motel. Even if you use your own account it is still FREE to pickup, we’ll cover the cost.

I love Parcel Motel and use it all the time. It means I never miss a parcel and can pick-up at a time that suits me even the weekend. Our customers love it too and its use at PlayBlue is constantly on the rise.

With PlayBlue now picking up the bill and making it 100% free to use for our customers we expect its use to explode.

If you’ve never heard of or used Parcel Motel it really couldn’t be easier with PlayBlue. No need to have an account or register or anything, you just need an Irish Mobile number.

With over 170 locations nationwide and growing there is definitely a Parcel Motel near you wherever you live and it is super convenient to use as you can collect 24/7 at a time that suits you. No need to be home for deliveries let Parcel Motel handle it.

Using Parcel Motel with PlayBlue is Simple :-

Shop as normal and then when you go to the shopping cart you will be offered two shipping options Parcel Motel or Courier just above the checkout button.

If you choose Parcel Motel you will see a map with the Parcel Motels and a list you can choose from. You just need to select your preferred Parcel Motel and click the Checkout button. On the Checkout the shipping address is pre-filled out and you just need to give us your Name, Email Address and Mobile Number.

When using Parcel Motel the mobile number is really important as this is how Parcel Motel gives you the access code to collect your Parcel. Please make sure it is an Irish number and double check to make sure it is correct.

If you choose Courier you just need to click the Checkout button.

Click on the Continue button then enter your Payment info.


We’ll pack and drop your Parcel to Parcel Motel then the next business day you will receive an SMS (see why we needed the Irish Mobile) from Parcel Motel telling you your parcel is ready for collection along with the code you’ll need.

There are a few very big items that we can’t use Parcel Motel for but if you choose one of these we will not let you choose Parcel Motel at checkout. These are only the biggest items and 99% can ship with Parcel Motel

Pickup at Parcel Motel is fun and easy too.

  1. Bring your mobile with the code Parcel Motel sent you to the correct pickup point.
  2. Using the KeyPad click collect. Enter your Mobile number and then the code.
  3. A locker will open and your PlayBlue Parcel is delivered!
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