Our Recommendations: Big and Small!

When it comes to the toy size debate, we like to think we’ve been pretty comprehensive. We’ve dissected the merits of going small. We’ve discussed the logistics of going big. We’ve debated the ins and outs of…well, the ins and outs.

 In the end, there are merits and drawbacks to using either a super large or super small toy. You trade in the feeling of fullness you get with a large toy, for the maneuverability of a smaller one. A smaller toy is less intimidating (and potentially painful), but a larger one reaches places a small one can’t. Etcetera, etcetera.

However, we think that it’s time for a truce between big toy and small toy stans. Why not try both types? Variety is the spice of life and all that. Here are our recommendations for super-size and super-small dildos at all price points.

Budget Friendly: So, it’s coming up to the end of the month, rent is due, you don’t get paid for another 6 and a half days, you’ve been living off what’s left in your cupboards. Don’t fret! We’ve all been there, and just because you are doesn’t mean that you need to scrimp on orgasms too. If you fancy something on the smaller side; at €11.95 the Mini Rabbit by Seven Creations is a great choice. It’s identical to larger rabbits (and has the same power!) without the size. If you want something on the big side, but with a small price the 12’’ JR Veined Double Header is just the ticket. It’s €19.99 and you get more than your money’s worth of toy.

Mid- Range Investment: Okay, moving on up in the world slightly, we also have middle of the road options(…we mean price-wise of course, the toys are always high-quality!) For the fans of small toys, we have the Realistic Dong with Suction Base from Nanma - €17.95 . At 6’’ it’s actually bigger than most average penises but in the world of sex toys, this guy is on the smaller size. It’s super realistic - right down to the ridges, wrinkles and veins, but it comes with a suction cup base. Very handy. Or handsfree if that’s what you prefer. For our big toy mid-range spenders, we would recommend Belladonna’s Magic Hand from Doc Johnson - €48. 95. At 12’’ in length and 3’’ inches in width big may be an understatement for this toy. It’s a replica of the hand of the pornstar Belladonna - so perfect for anyone who wants to try fisting.

Payday Splurge: Honestly, it’s hard to splurge on smaller toys. If you’re looking to blow money this is not the place to do it - which is actually amazing when you think about it! At €36.95 Little Paul by Fun Factory is about as pricey as it gets for smaller toys. But Fun Factory is always a winner and this product is no exception! This 5.5’’ little guy has six vibration rhythms and six vibration intensities - as well as a ribbed effect. For our length loving big spenders we have the ultimate: Doc Johnson’s Great American Challenge - 17’’ of pure thickness, €85.95. It’s quite simply a monstrosity, but for size chasers, let’s call it an aspirational purchase.

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