Orgie - Get Brazilian Pleasure

Orgie is is a brand we have only been stocking for about 5 months and it is safe to say it has been a smash. Our customers have gobbled them up and we couldn’t be happier. Orgie is a Brazilian company with over a decade of success in South America and since introducing it’s unique products to Europe it has opened up a whole new segment for us.


The Orgie biggest seller on PlayBlue is the Orgasm Drops. All you do is apply a couple of drops to the clitoris and your stimulation will explode. Be careful here, don’t over do it, when I say a couple of drops I mean two not eight not four two drops, OK. The experience of using Orgasms drops is life changing for many women and is something you just gotta try.

Another huge seller for us is the Orgie Xtra Hard Power Gel for Him. This is an all-natural stimulating erection gel. I mean like increased arousal and sensations combined with longer harder erections, is it any wonder it’s so popular. Simple to use and effective, this Xtra Hard Gel in a few short months has become out best selling erection aid and the one we routinely recommend in-store.

We can’t discuss Orgie without mention of it’s original hit product the Liquid Vibrator. This is an exciting gel with active natural ingredients that applied to intimate areas gives an intense vibrating tingling effect that combines to help you achieve incredible orgasms. Care is needed here too, be sparing as too much can be overwhelming. These effects can be for him and her and used during sex really make for an unforgettable experience.

Orgie Brazilian Pleasure Products are really unique and offer something a little different. There are loads of others to try like the Touro XXXL Cream, another magic penis cream that will blow you away. Or the Xtra Time Delay Serum that almost does the opposite. It slows you down to make the pleasure last. Or the Orgie Tighten Gel it will tone and give a pleasant tightening sensation to enhance the pleasure for him and her without interfering with a woman’s natural lubrication. 

Orgie products are great to use on your own or with a partner and all natural. We really couldn’t recommend these pleasure drops and gels high enough, this is not a paid advert or anything we just think these products are great and are delighted to be able to offer the full selection to our Irish customers.

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