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Snap Engage Live SupportPlayBlue is always looking for ways to help and connect with our visitors. We are really here to help and want you to find what you are looking for. We’re in the business for 14 years but most of them were in bricks and mortar buildings with real live people walking in our doors. It was easy to build up a rapport with people in our shops and make sure they were happy with the products they brought. We have found that the internet business can be a little impersonal.


Well since launching PlayBlue we’ve been looking for a way to offer the same kind of service to our customers, well we think we might have found it.

We have decided to give a trial run to see how our visitors fare with it. It is a small little window that pops up on the website where a customer can talk to a real live person at PlayBlue with any questions or problems they might be having. This is our chance to interact personally with our visitors and make a visit to PlayBlue like a visit to a real shop with helpful staff and easy answers.


The window can be launched by the visitor by either of the green buttons you will see on each page. But if you linger on a page we will pop-up and offer our help automatically. If you’re not interested in talking that’s fine just close the popup window and we won’t bother you again unless you open the chat window yourself using the green buttons.


We are really enjoying the chats we have been having with customers and are learning loads about that kind of Sex Shop you really want. So next time you are on PlayBlue make sure to say hello to whoever is online because we really are there to help you get the best out of PlayBlue.

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