No Glove, No Love

Why do condoms get such a bad rep?

I mean, seriously; it’s 2019, condoms have been legal in Ireland for almost 40 years and we’re all fully aware of the benefits of using them. But even armed with that knowledge, so many guys will still try to wriggle out of it (literally) in the heat of the moment.

All jokes aside, have you heard of stealthing? It may sound like some sort of spy kit activity, but it’s actually a pretty disgusting act. Stealthing is when a male partner removes a condom without consent during sex. Basically;  two people start having consensual safe sex and somewhere in the middle of it the condom-wearing partner sneakily takes off the condom and then continues to have sex unprotected with his unsuspecting victim partner, without his or her consent. As I said; pretty disgusting.

There are tonnes of reasons people don’t like wearing condoms. I definitely understand the element of rebellion about not wearing them - there’s nothing sexy about being told you have to wear a piece of medical, white latex during what should be an intimate act. Also, a lot of guys says it feels better not to, which I obviously can’t comment on. I’ll take your word for it.

But even knowing that, I just can’t get past the fact that condoms literally save lives. Let’s talk about it.

#1. Condoms are 98 - 99% effective in protecting against STDS and pregnancy and…that’s it. That’s the only fact I have for you, because why would you even need more than that? You literally get to hump the day away without any danger, or fear. You don’t have to worry about creating another human, or getting syphilis. (As a disclaimer: there’s nothing wrong with having syphilis or any other STD - it doesn’t make you dirty or unworthy - but if you can avoid it, why wouldn’t you?)

There are also so many types of condoms out there now, that there’s no possible way sex can always feel bad with a condom on. They literally make condoms that feel like you aren’t wearing one. You could also get condoms that have a cock ring built in, or ones that help delay orgasm to allow for a slow build up. I’m telling you man, there’s something out there for everyone. At least try it out before telling me I’m wrong.

Oh, and one more thing about stealthing before I forget: it’s not just an all round shitty thing to do to someone who you’re intimate with, it’s also considered to be serious sexual assault (both here in Ireland and in various other parts of the world) and is punishable by law. Better stock up on some of those good condoms boy!

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