New Sex Shop - No one bats an eyelid!

Have we grown up at last a little as a country?

PlayBlue TallaghtOnly 18 months ago we caused uproar by trying to open an adult store in Drumcondra. We had TDs protesting outside, every radio station and news outlet clamouring for the scandal and everywhere we looked fake outrage and cries of "What about the Children".

We had protests for days and threats from some other local businesses nearby. At the time we were amazed by the reaction and probably a little naive to start off with. This experience left us a little weary about the new sex shop we opened in Tallaght and we kept our cards very close to our chest until the day we opened.

Well we open on the 8th of March, delayed a few days by the snow and braced ourselves...

Well nothing, not a whimper, not a single person has said anything negative to us locally in Tallaght. Maybe Tallaght is a more enlightened area of Dublin or maybe just the whole country has grown up a bit. We are delighted with the reception we’ve had in Tallaght and we are a little stunned by the overwhelming welcome we’ve received.

It got us thinking that maybe at last we’ve reached a tipping point where an upmarket professional adult store, which anyone who has visited us recognises, is a welcome addition to the retail landscape of a community. We know sex toys are becoming more and more mainstream and maybe at last we’ve finally shed that dated image from the 90s.

This new enlightened attitude we are seeing is really encouraging and we feel we can at last more forward with our expansion plans. PlayBlue Tallaght is not a business that is going anywhere and we have a long-term lease which given the reception we’ve received we are looking forward to extending. Hopefully you can look forward to seeing a local PlayBlue popup near you soon, how will your town/community welcome us?

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