New Brands at PlayBlue

We have recently added a few new brands and updated another but with the Christmas rush haven’t really had the chance to chat about it.

Nalone BrandThe first new brand is Nalone. This is a totally new to us and as far as we know the only sex shop selling them in Ireland.

Nalone sit firmly at the very top end range of sex toys. The highest quality medical grade materials are crafted with luxury and care using the most innovative design and technology to create truly unique sex toys.

All rechargeable and with mind blowing features like the Electro Massager with optional electro tingle stimulation built in. Or the Wave massaging rabbit for an incredible wave motion penetration that will have you throwing out every other vibrator you own.

Nalone is surely a luxury brand that is going to be very well received by Irish looking for the very best in sex toys and is set to become a PlayBlue staple.

Saxenfelt BrandThe next new brand is Saxenfelt which is probably the best latex clothing brand in the world. Manufacturer in Denmark with the best 100% natural raw materials. Incredibly durable almost impossible to rip or tear these latex erotic clothes will last a lifetime. Seamless dip moulded meaning no glued or vulcanised seams.

These are just incredibly high quality erotic gear and nothing compares to real latex on the skin for a sleeky sensual feeling.

We are delighted to be the exclusive Irish supplier of Saxenfelt as once we saw this brand we knew there was no point in dealing with another.

FunFactory BrandThe last ‘new’ brand is German built sex toy quality - FunFactory. I know we have stocked these for years but we are sick of dealing with third parties and have struggled to show FunFactory off to it’s true potential. So we now have an exclusive deal with FunFactory to push their products and see if the Irish consumer wants a little German built erotic luxury.

FunFactory have really re-made themselves in the last year with the incredible Stronic range that really is unique. The world’s first super powerful thrusting vibrator that is built with the usual German precision and quality.

FunFactory is one of the best brands for luxury vibrators for women and men and their new upgraded range is better than ever and a must for anyone looking for the best.

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