New Brand - Je Joue

Je Joue is a new brand that we added a few weeks back and I must say I’m impressed. They only have a few products but the focus is on quality and design. A British company with a little Gallic flair that just wants to produce the best and in our opinion is not far off.

The unique proposition of this brand outside of the beautiful high quality finish is the special designed “Rumbly” Motor they have created for their vibrators. It operates at a super low frequency which means the vibrations travel below the surface giving a deeper rumbly sensation that feels fuller and opens up a whole new experience. 


As I said this is a new brand for us so we have only started with a few products but they are all magic

The Hera Flex - Rumbly motor for amazing deep orgasms check, BodyFlex technology designed to move in rhythm with the body to ensure an amazing fit check. Super build quality and gorgeous packaging check. This is an amazing sex toy and I know it’s not free but the best things never are. We’ve never meant it more when we say satisfaction guaranteed.

The Duet - Another classic the bullet but upgraded with the Je Joue Rumbly motor and thoughtful design. Then only use the absolute best materials to create probably the best bullet money can buy. It feels absolutely special and you have gotta try it.

Luxury Massage Candle - For a warm sensual massage that will relax away stress and tension but also heighten sexual desire the Je Joue Massage Candle is tantalisingly good. A beautiful addition to the PlayBlue range that has become an instant success.

The Naughty Gift Set - Can’t decide what to get for that special occasion, then the Naughty Gift Set is always a winner. Beautifully presented and screams luxury. The limited edition Mimi palm vibe combined with a Luxury massage candle, a satin blindfold and the naughty but fun Truth or Dare game to get the night going in directions you never imagined. 

Je Joue is another brand PlayBlue is delighted to stock as we strive to bring the best brands and sex toys to the Irish market and not just more own brand rubbish. We plan on expanding the Je Joue offering with PlayBlue and have found the biggest problem is keeping them in stock. So my advice if you see one in stock snap it up before it’s gone.

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