New Brand - Happy Rabbits

Happy Rabbit is a brand we have been reluctant to take on for years as it is owned by a competitor. We have always admired them as a great luxury rabbit brand that just delivers. But after agreement that we will always be competitive and wholesale and retail are kept totally separate, it is an opportunity we jumped on. 

The Happy Rabbit brand has been a favourite in Ireland for the last decade and is one of the few trusted Rabbit brands in Ireland. We have started with the bestsellers and we have been selling them for the last month and are delighted with the reception. All rechargeable and all super soft silicone with multi-functions. We are talking fully featured modern rabbit vibrators with great build quality and tried and tested form that is sure to be a winner.

Let’s have a look at three of these little beauties

Happy Rabbits

Happy Rabbit - G-Spot

This is my favourite and our bestseller in the first month. It is a full-sized super powerful rabbit vibrator with over 500,000 sold. A design and style that is ever popular and a rabbit that will satisfy. This is the curved G-Spot edition that seeks the perfect place to deliver its vibrations. 

Happy Rabbit - Thrusting

Thrusting Rabbits are probably not the first beginners rabbit, probably a few too many options that might overwhelm. But if you want that absolute all-rounder from a brand you can trust, this might just be for you. All the magic of a dual motor rabbit with the added thrusting function for the incredible all over sensation - Could you handle it?

Happy Rabbit - Slimline Curve

A slightly slender curve rabbit, sometimes bigger is not always better. This might be smaller but is fully featured and perfect for beginners. This is going to be your new go-to bedroom friend as it is simple to use and never intimidating. 

Happy Rabbits are a brand we are delighted to sell and combined with our Best Price Guarantee this is a simple choice to make and a purchase that will never disappoint.

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