Lube for Everyone!!

I understand loads of really weird strange people are not into sex toys or bondage or have not accepted to themselves that they have fetishes (spoiler we all do but only a few of us act on them). So you’d assume we are not the shop for them and move on. 

Well the one thing I talk about more than everything else combined is lubricant. Everything is better with lube - I mean literally everything. I know I was young once and I didn’t bother with it but let me tell you once you really try lube it is near impossible to have sex play without it. Sex is so much better with lube the sensations and pleasure seriously heightened. Sex toys sing with lube and really you should never consider using one without lube - unless of course that is your kink in that case go for it.

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Lube sales a decade ago were honestly incidental and it has taken a long time and loads of coaxing and prodding to turn the Irish public onto the absolute joys of lube but we really are getting there. 

Obviously there are some sex games that are at best uncomfortable without lube, any sort of anal play needs lube and please don’t skimp here. Nearly all sex toys do not produce any lubricant so I promise with lube it’ll be 10 times (at least ) better. Solo masturbation male and female feels a little more special and self-loving with lube too.

The first bit of advice I’d give is to know what you plan to use the lube for. If you are using silicone toys you must use a water based lube as the silicone lubricants will damage the sex toys. If planning something like a nuru style massage go bulk as you’ll need loads and will reapply often. 

A common mistake that beginners make is they go for the cheap bulk lube which has its use but for sex I would always recommend a good quality silicone lube like Swiss Navy (my personal favourite) or Pjur or ID they never get tacky, don’t absorb, a small bit goes a long way and feels so much better. A small 100ml bottle will last ages as you will use only about 5ml each time.

For anal play an Anal lube is best as they tend to be thicker and don’t absorb as quickly and some are formulated to desensitise and relax the anal area making anal play much easier. 

For some fun go for flavoured lubricants or tingly hot or cold lubes. The message I’m trying to get across here is lube really should be on your locker and is an essential and relatively cheap way to ensure you have the best sex life you can have. Why ruin it by cheap skating the lube?

Lube is for EVERYONE!!

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