LELO Back with PlayBlue

LELO is probably one of the most famous brands of sex toy in the world and it was a bit of an anomaly that Ireland’s biggest sex shop, namely PlayBlue didn’t stock them.

Well we do now! 

We actually stocked them about 6 years ago but we had issues with suppliers and price which made it impossible for us to offer them at competitive pricing. Now we have teamed up with their exclusive distributor to offer the best that LELO has to offer at the lowest prices on the internet. I guarantee you will not find these LELOs for sale cheaper anywhere. 

LELO has been synonymous with quality, design and luxury since it started in 2003 from humble beginnings in Stockholm. Swedish designed with a desire to just make the best pleasure products in the world. It has grown to be the most incredible success and changed the whole course of the sex toy industry from a slightly sleezy image into a quality design focus innovation engine.

LELO Brand

We have started with a curated selection of LELO Bestsellers with our launch including 

SORAYA™ 2 - This is the most unique and amazing rabbit for blowing you away with blended orgasms, looks amazing and feels better.

GIGI™ 2 - The world’s favourite G-Spot vibrator that is just a pure pleasure. The flattened tip feels amazing on the clitoris too.

TIANI™ 3 - The latest Tiani is a couples vibrator that actually works and enhances sex for couples in the most intuitive way.

INA WAVE™ - Rabbit perfection with the added “come hither” motion that massages your G-Spot as it sends waves of powerful vibration through you - Just gotta try it!

SMART WAND™ 2 - Full Size ultimate couples foreplay machine or solo orgasm hunter the Smart Wand 2 is the latest and greatest wand from LELO.

MONA™ 2 - The curves make this one of LELOs most popular and uncomplicated indulgent pleasures to use and escape with.

LIV™ 2 - The simple design makes this a LELO classic and one of it’s most adaptable incredible vibrators.

We plan of course to expand the range but took the advice of the experts on the best and most popular LELOs to start with and we are really looking forward to hearing what you think. So welcome back to PlayBlue LELO I’m sure you’ll love it.

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