Learning to Shout More

PlayBlue have been around almost 12 years now and we have mastered the 100% discrete packing and shipping. We do discrete billing really well and we do quiet efficiency, processing and shipping orders. Problem is we sometimes do it too well and never shout about what we do.

PlayBlue are Great

So here goes a few shout-outs 

OUR DELIVERY IS AMAZING - Same day delivery 7 days a week in Dublin and Next Business day delivery in the rest of Ireland and just spend €20 and we do it all free. We also actively track and chase every order ourselves chasing up delayed orders before the customer even knows. 

We check every address and label before it ships to make sure we can catch any issues at source and our triple discrete packing is the absolutely best in the business. Of course there is the odd issue but we always chase it down and sort the problem. No one does delivery in Ireland better or faster then us, guaranteed.

OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST - We have the scale in the Irish market to get products in bulk which we stock in our own warehouse. We never gouge anyone, our prices are the absolute lowest we can make them. This is all backed up with a price guarantee meaning if you see prices cheaper anywhere in Ireland tell us and we’ll beat it. I’ve said it before but this has happened less than a handful of times in the last 10 years. No one beats us on price online or in-store.

OUR IN-STOCK SELECTION IS INCREDIBLE - We actually stock everything we sell. If it is for sell on our website we stock it, no messing. The selection we have is probably a little excessive but we stock every major brand and every major product. For instance at the time of writing we have 393 different vibrators in stock for sale now!!

We source all our products from either the official distributors or directly from the manufacturers. No third-parties, so you can guarantee everything we sell is original and not any cheap copies. It might sound obvious but this is not always the case.

OUR RETURNS ARE THE BEST IN IRELAND - We definitely don’t shout about our returns enough. We operate on a basis of fairness. If you buy off us and a product is broken or breaks in the first 6 months no questions asked we usually don’t even look for the product back. If you change your mind in the first month after purchase no problem once it is unopened and unused. Our returns are fair, simple and common sense. No big terms and conditions, the only caveat we have is we don’t sell second hand lingerie so we don’t accept returns on lingerie/intimate wear. Nobody wants that and any company that accepts lingerie returns you should avoid as this means they effectively sell secondhand yuk!

PLAYBLUE HELP AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS JUST AWESOME - Over 1,000 products now have PlayBlue made videos showing you exactly what you can expect and how to use the product. No messing just the honest unvarnished truth. Then we answer nearly every support email we get in less then an hour (in opening hours). You can call us (in opening hours) and our staff are really friendly and eager to help. Or chat online with our Live chat on every page (during opening hours).

Then we have Viktoria, a fully qualified Erotic Coach ready to help and advise on any question on your sexual health for free. Also we produce so much educational and informational content on social media and blogs that we are literally flooding with help. Oh and of course unlike nearly everyone else selling sex toys online in Ireland you can also pop in and visit us in Tallaght and Cork.

MUTUAL TRUST EARNED - We have been at this PlayBlue thing 12 years. Operating in a small country like Ireland if you treat customers badly or price gouge or lie or cheat you will not last. We have always operated on a Fair is Fair basis. We start by trusting our customers and we just treat them well. Of course there are cowboys out there and we do get stung but that is a tiny percentage of customers. The overwhelming majority of people are fair and honest too. We have found if we give trust and are honest and fair in all dealings, not a walk over just fair. We get that trust and honesty back in buckets. 

Let’s be honest, we sell sex toys to make a profit to pay our wages and grow our business. We are not a charity but all that means is we have to treat our customers well as we will need them to come back. We truly want PlayBlue to be a win for us and a win for you by offering you the absolute best experience we can.

It is time for us to turn over a new leaf at PlayBlue and to shout about how great we are.

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