Leading the Blind(folded)

Blindfolds are an underrated bit of kit to have if in your sextoy drawer. Sure, they may initially seem like an unnecessary purchase . We suppose you could use a woolly winter scarf if the mood strikes, but using a well-made, nice feeling, fit for purpose blindfold is so much nicer! Using a product that feels and looks good can go a long way with setting the mood for both partners. Plus, it’s less itchy than that scarf your Granny knitted you for Christmas.

As always, we gotchu. Here at Play Blue we’ve got some excellent blindfolds in Satin, Leather or Neoprene just waiting for you to get your pervy little mitts on them! Go ahead and order one…we’ll wait.

So, now you’ve bought the perfect blindfold - what are you going to do with it? You have more options than you think. Here are some of our favourites:  

- Use it for BDSM: When most people think blindfolds, they think being tied- up too…or is that just us? One way or another, adding the blindfold to the mix is a great way to enhance an already Dominant/submissive dynamic - or to try it out! Using a blindfold can really add to the vulnerability of the tied-up partner while simultaneously giving the dominant partner more control - which can result in some very, very good times for all.

- Sensation Play: Going hand in hand with bondage, or even as part of a more romantic encounter - sensation play is is all about feeling different (you guessed it) sensations on your skin. That could be something simple like your partner kissing all over your body, or something prop-related like your partner touching you with a feather or an ice-cube. Honestly, the possibilities are endless for what can be used in this way. Being blindfolded makes your other senses heightened - meaning that every little touch will feel so much more intense.

- Sensory Deprivation: Blindfolds are also excellent for sensory deprivation purposes. This way of using blindfolds has some serious overlap with both sensation play and BDSM - it’s almost like sensation play on steroids! In this type of play, the blindfolded partner is not just stripped of their sight but also their hearing (you could use noise cancelling headphones or earplugs), their ability to touch (through bondage) and maybe even their ability to speak (using a gag or similar). This lack of external stimulation makes every touch 50,000 x stronger while simultaneously allowing the non-blindfolded partner the ultimate control in making their partner feel good. Unf.

- Massage: If you or your partner is a bit of a stress-head how about giving them a blindfolded massage? The darkness will lull them into deep relaxation and force them to focus on chilling out, while you rub them down with one of our massage oils.

- Masturbation: A blindfold can be a super useful toy for those of us are a little bit bashful about expressing what they want in the bedroom. If your partner has a hard time conveying how they want you to pleasure them (or vice versa) a good trick is to get them to touch themselves while wearing a blindfold. This will allow them to lose their inhibition and let you see exactly how they like to be touch. Plus, it’s super hot.

- Both Partners Wear One: This one speaks for itself - silly as it might initially seem. Think about it, how much of sex do you spend thinking about how you look to your partner? If both of you have blindfolds on you can lose your inhibitions and just go to town. Just wait until you’re both settled on the bed before you pop your blindfolds on if you want to avoid breaking a toe on the corner of a bedframe. Ouchies.  

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