Knowledge is Power

SexToys EducationWe want to empower our customers to make better choices about the sex toys they purchase. We don't just want to selling anything and forget them, we are not in this for a fast buck or we wouldn't be trading since 1997 especially in a small market like Ireland.

Our products used to be like the dark arts to some, people would come into our bricks and mortar store and literally be a agog at the choice and variety of sex toys on offer. They’d be afraid or half of them, not have a clue how to use the other half of them and then be too embarrassed to ask our staff.

Luckily for us we have great staff and they are delighted to help explain the products we sell without ever being too pushy or in your face, but online it is a little harder to get that personal interaction with our customers.

We started a long time ago creating various resources to enable our patrons to educate themselves about the various adult toys we sell. We wrote guides from Choosing you first sex toy and a vibrators guide and Anal Sex Toys guides and cock ring guides and many more and it is still growing as we continue to write more. Sometimes I think these guides could really help people who come looking on PlayBlue but maybe they have been a little hidden on the website which we’re trying to solve.

We have also written a FAQ guide on common problems customers have and listed answers to customer questions for some of our most popular issues.

We are always delighted to get customer questions and always promise to answer them to the best of our ability in a professional and discreet manner. We want you to end up with a sex toy you are going to be happy with and will help you have a better sex life as for us happy customers are repeat customers. We don't want dissatisfied customers and firmly believe the key to this is choosing the right sex toy for you. Not the dearest or the cheapest just the right one and the way to do this is through knowledge.

So please have a good look around at all the resources we have and if you have any questions or suggestions do email us, we will treat it honestly and discreetly every time.

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