Just Be Straight with Your Customers!

I was listening to the news yesterday - I know why would I put myself through that misery and fear and confusion but anyway I heard a story about a lack of Christmas trees this year. Supposedly there are not going to be enough Christmas trees and the reason cited was the Evergiven getting stuck in the Suez canal last March….

Lying to Customers

This is the kind of nonsense you get as excuses for a plain and simple fuck up. There may be a shortage of Christmas trees, I may end up spending €100 on a manky 5 foot weed with 3 branches but call me cynical I doubt it and even if I do it’ll have nothing to do with the Evergiven.

Why can’t companies just be straight with their customers. At PlayBlue we sometimes mess up and drop the ball and I hope every time we do we own up to it, apologise and then try to make it right. It’s not that complicated and shouldn’t be. 

Business should do everything they can to make processing orders smooth, for instance we pay our couriers, GLS, for next business day shipping. That’s the contract we have and that is what we expect. We also have plenty of staff packing and shipping orders 7 days a week so nearly 100% of the time we get the orders packed and shipped same day or if we receive the order after business hours next day. We have systems in place to ensure that orders are double checked and post codes are updated and tracking codes are stored and sent. We double pack all orders and have staff whose sole job during the day is to resolve problems with orders. We do everything we can to get orders out as quickly and efficiently everyday. Our average time to fulfill an order from when it is placed (including all orders placed overnight) is less than 4 hours.

All sounds great but we still drop the ball the odd time and when we do you can expect an apology and then we’ll do our best to fix it. Why is this simple strategy not common place online. 

Especially around Black Friday you get loads of online retailers who are much less transparent then they should be hiding the reality of the order delivery process from the customer. Like saying 2 day delivery when they are drop-shipping from Holland and know it WILL take 5 days minimum. Or UK retailers with a .ie domain pretending to be local and then you are landed with a customs bill on a late delivery. 

When I start hearing excuses like “Evergiven” or “Brexit” or “COVID” I just get really annoyed. These are known issues and if they really have fecked up your order delivery system or you have no stock well just be straight with me BEFORE I order. Don’t let me buy a birthday present of headphones if you don’t actually have any stock or are claiming I’ll have them in 2 days but you know they are still in China. Do that and I’ll know I can’t trust you and you will have lost a customer for life.

So please if at PlayBlue we do drop your order let us know so we can try our best to fix it, but we hope we have the processes in place to deliver.

We hope you can be confident of a successful pleasant PlayBlue experience.

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