It's Not too Late - Shop In Store

Every Valentines and Christmas it is always the same. A couple of weeks before there is a slow but consistent build up of online orders until it climaxes with about 3 days to go. Then you get the rush of panic-ers. They order then 4 minutes later email asking has it shipped yet? Will I get it tomorrow? Last minute warriors.

Now for Christmas for me with 3 days to go it’s too late for online shopping as the couriers are floored with a flood of deliveries but for Valentines its all about Chocolate, Flowers and well sex toys. You can order until the day before reasonably confident it will arrive for the big day.

Shop In-store

My advice though is if you want to 100% guarantee you have the gift for the big day shop in-store. PlayBlue in Tallaght holds everything we have online at the same prices. In Cork we have about 80% of the items and all the best sellers so you should be covered.

You don’t have to sweat over a missed delivery and the anxiety of that ordered couples sex toy that is going to explode your Valentines night arriving too late.

The staff in-store in PlayBlue Tallaght and Cork are really friendly and expert in our products. They will be delighted to help you pick the perfect sex toy gift and suggest products to make it even better. Like have you ever ordered a new vibrator torn open the box both rushed upstairs ripped each others clothes off and then gone for a huge squirt of lube and “Fuck no Lube….nooooooo”. Shop in-store and it won’t happen as you’ll get the “Do you need lube with that?”.

The other huge advantage is you actually get to see what you are buying. You might think you want a 12” Realistic Dildo, then it arrives and it almost freaks you out as its the size of a fecking leg! Shop in store and you’ll have a moment to get over the shock or what you are actually looking at and then you can easily move onto a size that you might actually survive.

In-Store Shopping - It’s hard to beat 

  1. You have free expert advice
  2. You get to see all the options available before you buy. 
  3. You get “FREE” Instant delivery i.e. You walk out with it.
  4. Ask nicely in-store and you might even get a free gift (if we have any left)

We have stores in Tallaght beside the square shopping centre and in Cork in Careys Lane just off Paul St beside Wetherspoons. 

Once you shop in-store with PlayBlue I guarantee the mystique and fear will dissolve and you’ll be back.

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