It's Not a Race?

Many people have the view that sex toys are about making you orgasm quicker. Don’t get me wrong we sell toys that will blow your socks off in 20 seconds flat, but is that really how you want it to go? Bang done now back to Netflix.

There should be a place in your love life for teasing and building and anticipation and maybe even a little sensual sting. Also self love can also be more about play too. What is the rush we need to all learn to savour the pleasure that little bit more. 

Sensual Massage

Foreplay toys are more about stimulating and building layers of pleasure and sensitivity. There can be much more to your pleasure play than genital stimulation. For instance many men and women can have heightened senses around nipple play or gentle non penetrative anal play or massage of feet or scalp/neck. Everyone I promise is unique and you should make it your own mission to discover how and where touch or play turns you on. There is no right or wrong here and no matter what turns you on you will not be the only person on the planet who feels this way. If you get pleasure from someone whipping your feet or pinching nipples or scratching you back or pulling your testicles you go for it and don’t be afraid to do it to yourself too.

To aid you in this voyage of personal discovery let me suggest a few simple beginner items that might excite. 

  • Lube/Stimulant - I’ve said it 1,000 times, yes everything is better with lube including solo play. We also sell enhancers like orgasm and tingling gels, warming or cooling gels, massage oils and loads more. These really enhance the pleasure and I really can’t recommend them enough.
  • Hand Wand - Probably the most versatile sex toy you will ever own. Make it rechargeable so you aren’t messing with cables or batteries. Then with a little lube you can apply vibration to any part of your bodies easily and slowly. No rules just let the wand explore.
  • A Mask - Might seem a little left field but a mask is a wonderful turn on. When you lose the sense of sight all other senses are heightened and touch can seem almost electric. With no visuals cues to anticipate the touch your body becomes almost tense waiting for the next caress.

Be warned it can get a little addictive but whatever it leads to if it brings you pleasure and hurts no-one in a fully consenting manner it’s all good.

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