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Break free from Routine

Think back to only a couple of weeks ago in mid-December the rushing around preparing everything for the one big day and all the end of year parties and drinks and promises to meet up.

Suddenly it’s the 9th of January the decorations are in boxes clogging up the hall waiting to get stored away for another year, the tree is rotting in the back garden and you’re desperately trying to pawn off stale Christmas biscuits to any random visitor so you can start using the ‘tin’.

It’s like this every year and you ask yourself was it really worth all the hassle and money but you’ll do it all again next year and the year after, we really are creatures of habit and routine but that is not necessarily all bad. Routine is what allows us to function in life and manage the 40 different thinks that ‘must’ get done each day.

But if you get stuck in routine you will become de-sensitised to what is going on around you and things that are really important can just slip by hardly noticed. Even the wonderful can become routine if you let it and many of us are stuck in what we eat, where we go and even what we do in the bedroom.

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word now-a-days and any book shop will have 100s of books telling you all about it but for me it is really as simple as ‘Open your eyes and senses to what is going on around us now’.

If you live in the moment you will start to take joy and pleasure in nearly every activity, you’ll be amazed at the beauty and wonder that is everywhere that all except kids drift past hardly noticing.

You will also be open to trying new things and as we’re PlayBlue make sure you live in the moment in the bedroom too if you truly do you will experience wonderful lovemaking.

Resolve this year to open your eyes to the now and allow yourself to enjoy everything you do, especially the people you love around you and break from the routines we all fall into as much as possible so you can broaden your life experiences.

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