Is it in stock? Is your stock IN Ireland?

We get this question literally daily. It must be one of the biggest concerns when purchasing online. The short answer is Yes. If you see it on our website we have it in stock for sale online or in-store in Tallaght Sex Store. In our Cork Sex Shop we stock about 80% of products and the best bet is to ring them directly for an answer before travelling to the store.

I know why we get this question so often. The majority of online stores don’t actually stock anything or if they do they stock a few best sellers. You can ring or email them and you’ll get “it’s in our European warehouse”. I’ll translate this for you. They are drop shippers that don’t stock anything and get a supplier in Europe (or China) to ship it to you. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing specifically against drop shipping (this means that all products and shipping is handled by a third party, in effect the online store is selling other companies stock). A really good drop shipper can offer great support and product knowledge but to be honest this is rare. The majority just grab product images and prices from a supplier site and publishes them. 

The problems happen when the drop shipper is not 100% honest about shipping or returns. Shipping can take days longer than expected and sometimes if the supplier is in China months with import fees. Returns are also often impossible or prohibitively expensive. I would always advise anyone purchasing anything online to check the location where the stock is shipped from. You may find it is hard to get a straight answer here though. 

PlayBlue holds ALL its stock of sex toys in our warehouse in Tallaght Dublin. We pick pack and ship ourselves so we can ensure expected delivery times and everything you see online we have in stock with no ambiguity or trickery. 

If you see something that is out of stock we can also give you a very good indication when it is coming back in stock if you contact us. We get supplier deliveries almost daily so our stock levels are constantly changing. We have systems in place to automatically replenish sold stock so we try our best to stay fully loaded. Of course some products go out of stock with suppliers too so this is not always possible. One thing I can guarantee though is we’ll always be honest and straight with customers.

So in short we are Irish based, in Tallaght Dublin. We hold all our own stock in our own warehouse. We also publish all our stock levels online in our online store. If you click on any product you will see a live stock level published on each product page. We ship all our orders ourselves from Tallaght too.

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