Incredibly Fast Reliable Delivery

Delivery FailWe are unique in the Irish sex toy industry in many ways, prices, customer service, range, but in delivery we really are miles ahead of everyone else. PlayBlue really does delivery incredibly well, mainly because we are the only Irish sex shop the stocks everything we sell. If it is for sale on PlayBlue we have it in stock ready to go, this may sound obvious but surprisingly we are the only sex shop in Ireland that do it. We know this because we've ordered off them all to test them out (so you don't have to) and none have ever managed to deliver next day.

All our competitors stock best sellers and orders off suppliers as the orders come in or even worse drop ships which delays every order. This will mean their “next day” delivery really only applies if you are lucky enough to order something in stock, otherwise you are going to be waiting 3 or 4 days.

At PlayBlue we have it ready to go, if you order before the courier collects (around 4:30pm) we will have it packed and out the door same day and you’ll get it the next business day. No one can beat that. As if that is not enough we also offer free shipping to to all orders over €20.

Look at PlayBlue we are constantly looking for ways to make sex toy shopping easier and more more efficient. We will never rest on our laurels as Ireland’s biggest sex shop, there is always ways to improve.

So order in confidence with PlayBlue because if it is on our website it’s in stock and will ship straight away, no tricks, no messing.

In the last 5 months only 4 orders have not been shipped next day well over 99.9% and if you are one of the incredibly unlucky ones, we will call you apologise and offer a solution. If you suffer from delivery anxiety, or just can’t wait for your sexy little pressies then there really is only one choice on where to buy your sex toys….

Checkout our full delivery details and get shopping!

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