If you like it you should really put a ring on it.

Cock rings are one of the simplest sex toys and cheapest you can buy. As the name suggests they are rings usually made from rubber or metal that are placed around the base of the penis and sometimes the testicles. They work by restricting the blood flow back out of the penis giving you a longer and harder erection. These are ideal for couples because he will more likely be able to last longer and often give better orgasms. They are totally safe and a great option in place of pills and delay sprays. 


There are a number of different types and the basic cock ring has been enhanced in a myriad of different ways to include vibrating cock rings, clitoral stimulating nodules and a host of others. I just wanted to introduce you to the main types and make a few suggestions for those interested in trying out these little wonders.


Beginners & Larger Gents


adjustable cock ringGo for an adjustable one. Most of the basic ones are adjustable, these are ideal for beginners because you don’t know how tight you like them. Some people love it really tight others like it quite loose which one are you? You will only find out be trying one on.

These are usually very cheap but the flipside is these are not vibrating or stimulating for your partner well apart from enhanced girth and stamina. A great first option to try them out and you are guaranteed they'll fit. They are also super simple to use and to take off. 


A little Bit More?


Maximus Cock RingLike everything else in sex toys there is always a little bit more. If the basic adjustable cock ring is not enough for you or you want to involve your partner in the fun then of course we have options


How about a Screaming O Dual Vibrating Ring that will delight both partners. The vibrations will send wonderful vibrations through his penis into her and will also with a nodule extended clitoral stimulator make sure she feels the vibrations outside and in.


These are ideal couples sex toys and are a must for bedroom play. We would advise you try a basic one first though to make sure you like the sensation (we’re sure you will) and then move up to the more advanced vibrating ones. 


Everything else I buy is designer?


First off we appreciate a man with taste around here, a man who enjoys the finer things in life. Of course if you want to spend a little bit more on quality we have a couple of options. Like the Propello looks complicated but it just about stimulates everything!. If you want the best cock ring you can buy this is probably it but be prepared to spend a little bit more.


You can go all the way up to the likes of the Lelo Oden 2 which looks like it belongs in a jewellry store.  Be prepared to pay for quality but boy do you get the quality. Billed as "the most advanced couples ring ever!" its probably hard to argue.


 As the song “If you like it you should really put a ring on it” and we agree.

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