How to Compete with Set Pricing?

Maybe I’m telling a little industry secret that I shouldn’t, I don’t know if it is even legal but it’s not like we have a choice. There are a few brands that insist as a condition of being allowed to sell them that you sell at set price. This is usually a low price really squeezing margins but there are a few brands that actually insist we sell at a price larger then we would want to sell them for. We can see some logic in this as you see fake counterfeit products all the time for sale. We actually have seen Doxy for sale at lower then the cost price directly with Doxy. These are fakes and ruin it for us all as the product is rubbish and you end up with a disillusioned customer. If you see a branded product for a really low price it is 99% of the time a fake. P.S. Doxy does NOT insist on set pricing.

At PlayBlue though we hate set pricing. We want to sell at fair prices and this SRP pricing is to me is always troubling. But it poses a few new questions - If every legit retailer is selling for the same price how do you compete? Especially online as price is by far the most important factor in getting the sale. Shopping around is simple and there is no loyalty (correctly - Why be loyal to a company trying to over charge you?).


Well we compete when price is the same on delivery and service and our record.

First delivery - well we offer free shipping in Ireland (and NI) for all orders over €20. If you reach this order threshold we will ship your order for free, no one beats that. For Dublin orders this means Same Day Delivery for orders before midday or next day for orders after midday. That is 7 days a week. No one beats that  delivery service either. Then for the rest of Ireland we give free next business  day delivery for orders after 4pm. So place an order at 11am in Dublin you will have it that evening in Cork or Belfast you will have it the next morning for free. All orders are double packed too and super discreet to ensure everything is safe and private too.

Now service - We are based in Ireland all our products and orders ship from Ireland we have the most incredible free fair returns service and you can during business hours talk to us on the phone (try that with Amazon?) or chat to us online or email us on with super fast response times. Or even just call into us in Tallaght or Cork we are here to help. We actively track and chase every order we ship. We want you to be satisfied, that is what we do.

Finally our record - We are not fly-by-night cowboys, we have been the biggest Irish sex shop for 12 years and counting, we have hundreds of thousands of satisfied Irish customers and we know what we are doing. We have ironed out all the kinks and issues and learnt, the hard way sometimes, what Irish sex shop customers want and need and there is no one in the Irish market that comes close to touching that. If you have a question we have the answer as we have dealt with it before and would love to help again. The Irish market is different, we are different, we have grown up here and built our business on the trust we have earned order by order in the Irish market and this is something we will never treat lightly.

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