How Safe is your new Sex Toy?

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I’ve talked about this before but what used to be a slow steady stream of emails from Chinese and Indian counterfeit sex toy manufacturers has turned into an absolute flood.

I literally get hundreds of emails a week offering me the likes of Fleshlights for €10. Now we buy direct from manufacturers and have years of experience haggling with these suppliers I can tell you now no one, absolutely no one is getting a real Fleshlight for €10. We get offered Lelo’s, Bathmate, Tenga, Doxy all the brands for prices that make absolutely no sense.

It gets me thinking that when buying sex toys you really need your wits about you for every real original product on the market there are 10 counterfeits and for intimate products this can actually be quite dangerous.

From PlayBlue’s point of view I want to categorically state that we only sell the real thing. We never buy these Chinese knock-offs that seem to be flooding into Ireland. We deal with large distributors or direct with manufacturers end of story.

I’d love to be able to tell you that if you see a product with a deal that is too good to be true then it is, but unfortunately many of the sex stores and websites buying these knock-offs are still selling them at full price and more, so that is not even a protection.

You need to be confident and sure that the website or sex shop you are purchasing your sex toys in, is 100% legit and only buys it’s toys from reputable suppliers….like PlayBlue. You need to remember that these are personal products with hygiene concerns so dodgy versions can actually be quite harmful so make sure you only deal with the best.

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