How PlayBlue are Different - Pricing

Price GougingThe holy grail of sex shops is to have a great simple to use product that you can get at the lowest price. We are constantly scouring suppliers for these little gems.

Unlike most sex shops for us this means we can offer the product at a really low price to our customers. If you’ve read any of our blog you know by now how we work.

  1. Get the best products at the lowest prices then haggle some more to get them even cheaper.

  2. Add our little margin to the cost to give us our fair profit.

  3. The sell as many as we can.

This all might sound very obvious, but this is actually unusual in the sex toy industry. Usually our competitors operate very differently. They source any product as cheap as they can get then try to get as much for it as they hope they can get away with. This turns into a vicious circle as the incredible prices means the volume sold is very low, which means they need even bigger prices just to survive.

We don’t compare prices with competitors or price match. If someone is selling it dearer (which is nearly always the case) they are just trying to gouge our customers and will not last long as it’s a short term game. If a competitor is selling it cheaper they are making a loss or using it as a loss leader to grab market share, but either way they won’t be doing this for long without going out of business, possibly along with your order.

Maybe before PlayBlue came along there was a nice cosy situation where everyone price matched each other at a very nice margin and everyone except the customer was happy. Well we have our own way of pricing which we are very comfortable with and will not be influenced by any one.

When we get a discount or negotiate a lower price for the product we lower the price of the product for the customer, once we make our little margin we are happy and can continue to grow.

I will make no secret of the fact we are not the cheapest on every product, we don’t sell products at a loss and as supplier prices rise like they just have for Lelo we raise our prices every time. This might seem like a strange thing to be writing about. But if you consider that by placing an order with us you want to make sure we’ll be a round to deliver it and a company that regularly makes a loss on an order they are going to go pop one day and it might be the day you’ve placed an order.

So the take-away here is the following

  1. PlayBlue will ALWAYS have fair pricing.

  2. PlayBlue will NEVER gouge our customers

  3. PlayBlue are here for the LONG-TERM

So shop in confidence with PlayBlue as you’ll always get the lowest fair price and we are local and will always be there to deliver.

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