Holiday Sex Toys - Top Tips

Sex Toys on HolidayI can feel the sense of summer coming and for me that means barbeques and holidays. In our house we always leave picking the holidays to the last minute and spend the first 5 months of the year discussing our options what we’d like? where will we go? then we’ve ended up in the same place the last 5 years!

Well this year it’s different, we’ve vowed to make sure we go somewhere new. We still plan to pack all the normal essentials like beachwear, camera, going out cloths and of course our favourite sex toys. Of course there are some sex toys you just shouldn’t bring like whips or paddles of huge vibrators it might be a little embarrassing going through the x-ray machine.

My advice for you travel companions is small and discreet. We love the We-Vibe which we bring everywhere a marvellous travel companion fully water proof and a shared delight. I also like my Lelo Alia a versatile all body massager again totally waterproof and a great way to unwind on holidays. A bullet like a rocks-off is always a great travel buddy too because it can be used in so many situations. Don’t go with a huge sex toy because it’ll get in the way and could cause embarrassment. Also don’t forget to pack the charger (and power adapter if required) because is there anything more annoying than a dead sex toy. Finally please be aware that in some countries sex toys might not be as accepted and understood as they are here so please err on the side of caution.

Remember holidays are for relaxing so bring some massage oil and some of your normal lube because whatever you do on your holidays make sure you do it with PlayBlue.


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