Good Things Don’t come for Free - or Do They?!

If you’ve ever ordered from us, you know that we put a high value on a couple of things.

  1. Top quality products at fair prices.
  2. Providing top notch customer service - including super speedy shipping and free returns.


  1. You. Yes, you.

We know that we wouldn’t be where we are without our customers and so making sure you’re well treated is one of our top priorities. It’s our responsibility to you to make sure you’re satisfied (in every sense of the word) when you buy a product from PlayBlue. And we like think we deliver on that!

However, in true PlayBlue fashion we wanted to do more to express our gratitude to the lovely people that make us the Number 1 Sex Shop in Ireland…which is why we created our PlayBlue Free Gifts. So, when you spend €30 or more on an order from us, you will also get a free gift. We know… we’re so good to you.

The coolest part about our free gifts (apart from the fact that they’re totally free - hello?!) is that they’re constantly changing. We always have new suppliers and we’re always trying to wangle new things off them to send out to ye, so you really never know what you’re gonna get! It’s like a lucky bag from when we were kids, but decidedly more x-rated.

In the past we’ve had things like bullet vibes, cock rings, lube and massagers go out to customers for free. We’ve even sent out toys that are valued up to €30 - which means you’d be €60 worth of toys for the value of €30? Not bad, eh?!

So, if you do fancy it - just add €30 of items to your basket whilst shopping online. At the check-out you’ll see that a mystery gift item has been added at no extra cost. This isn’t just for our online customers either (we wouldn’t do our instore gang like that!) If you’re in store and spend €30, you can ask at the till to receive your free gift.

So there you have it; just another we way try to do right by our beloved customers. Now get out there and buy some sex toys!

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