Good Things Can Come in Small Packages


Big toys, and big dicks for that matter, get A LOT of attention.There are a lot of very, very big dildos on the market - and honestly, that’s because there is a demand for them. Maybe because of the massive members we see in porn, or maybe because most women aren’t sexually satisfied by their average - sized (around 5 inches when hard) lovers - we equate largeness with prowess in the bedroom. We’ve always been taught that big dicks are superior and small dicks are often the butt of the joke.

 The fact of the matter is, this just isn’t true. If someone isn’t sexually satisfied by their smaller lover, it’s probably because their lover isn’t using what they’ve got properly. But we get it - the lure of Big Dick Energy is strong - we’ve been guilty of being susceptible to that ourselves.

But you know what? Small dicks (and their toy counterparts) are just as valid as big ones and they deserve a little love too. It’s time to dethrone some size queens!

Smaller toys have some benefits that big ones just don’t. Let’s start at the beginning - literally the beginning: Smaller dildos are better for beginners. Even if your end goal is to be able to enjoy a 12’’ inch dildo, you’re gonna want to start small. The fact of the matter is, that even though the vagina is designed to expand, the vaginal canal is roughly no more than 7 inches long when aroused. This means that with a bigger toy/penis there’s a serious chance of bumping your cervix - which is not usually a pleasant experience - unless you get off on pain. You avoid this completely with a smaller toy.

Smaller dildos are also a godsend for people who have difficulty with things like Vaginismus, vaginal dryness or even just a smaller vagina - making penetration incredibly painful. Using a smaller toy and a lot of lube, can allow women with different sensitivity issues to enjoy a fulfilling sex life - which is a pretty solid plus in our book. The same goes for people with anxieties or mental issues surrounding sex. Bigger dildos can be super intimidating and if you’re already uneasy about putting anything inside yourself you could be put off pretty sharpish upon unboxing one. A small dildo is way more unassuming and easy to use for someone in that situation.

Also when it comes to actual functionality, smaller can be better. They’re less cumbersome and easier to manoeuvre inside your body. With a small dildo you can move and know exactly where you’re aiming - a surefire way to avoid the clanging pain of pounding the wrong spot. They’re also excellent for anal sex, an area where you really, really don’t want to rush into something too big, too fast. (We can’t say ouch enough times.)

The fact of the matter is that the most pleasurable parts of the vagina are the first 2 - 3 inches into the canal. They have the most nerve endings and are the parts that need to be stimulated the most. Honestly ins’t everything else is just overkill once those are covered?! We joke…sort of.

The takeaway from this is that dildos, and indeed dicks, come in all shapes and sizes. All have their different uses and all are worthy of our respect and admiration. One way or another, surely it's worth testing a few different types out?

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