Free Gifts for Everyone!

We are so excited to be back we are bursting with sex toys. So much so we want to just give them away to spread the love.

Yes Give Them Away - We are giving anyone who calls into a PlayBlue store a free Gift, no catches, no terms and conditions nothing just Free Gifts for Everyone!

Free Gifts

To claim your free gift just pop into any PlayBlue Shop in Kilkenny, Tallaght or Cork. Then just Welcome Back your friendly PlayBlue Staff member. No purchase necessary just our way of getting all of our customers into the mood to PlayBlue again.

  • Just Visit a PlayBlue Store
  • Welcome Back our brilliant Staff
  • We will just give you a Free Gift.
  • No Purchase necessary.
  • We will give out Free Gifts until the end of May.

Where else would you get it? 

We'd love to be able to run these kind of promotions regularly but it will only be possible with your help. Please don’t take the piss, only one free gift per customer. Don’t call in every day looking for a free gift, finally we only have a limited selection of Free Gifts we’ll try to accommodate you but of course there is only so much we can do. This promotion will run until the end of May.

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