FREE Condoms!!

You don’t get much for free in Ireland do you? And sometimes it’s the little things that you remember the most. That extra bikkie you got with your coffee or 10c off at the butchers, or a free chocolate bar with the Sunday newspaper. We love it don’t we when we get a little something for free no strings attached.

At PlayBlue we are all for fun, sex, and experimentation, but we also want you all to be safe. Condoms are cheap widely available and any ridiculous stigma that may have been attached to them in the past is in the bin long ago. They are also the easier and best protection when having sex.

Well just to try and spread the love, PlayBlue now have bowls of condoms on the counter in Kilkenny and Tallaght and anyone can just take one, free, no sale required, no strings attached. Just walk in, say hi, grab a condom and go!

Everyone in Ireland enjoying sex should carry a condom, PlayBlue supports this idea and wants to make it as easy as possible. We also love to just give something free to our customers and if it helps even a tiny bit to promote the use of condoms to limit the spread of STIs or unplanned pregnancies that’s great isn’t it.

These are also not crappy condoms we got free as they are near expiration. We are giving away the Pasante range of condoms the brand trusted by the NHS in the UK and one of the most widely used condoms in Ireland and the UK. We obviously sell these condoms too if anyone is looking to stock up.

All we ask is that you don’t take the piss and grab the lot we want to be able to keep this going for good so don’t ruin it for everyone hey!

This is available now in store in PlayBlue Kilkenny and PlayBlue Tallaght.

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