Forget Valentines - Galentine’s Day!

In a move that has surprised no one, February has once again followed January this year. 2019 is chugging along like a train towards a damsel tied to the tracks in a vaudeville and although I’m sure we’re all in agreement that it’s pretty nice to be past the misery of January, February has it’s own drawbacks - and by that, of course I mean Valentine’s Day.

Listen, this isn’t going to be a post hating on V-Day - romance is our bread and butter here at PlayBlue after all. And even I, a confirmed cynic, have been known to get a little bit swoony over a heartfelt Valentine’s Card. But let’s be honest, as far as holidays go Valentine’s can be a little tiresome; the schmaltzy decorations, the mushy instagram posts and the pressure to have a picture perfect day with your other half. Tiresome can turn to exhausting when you’re single - trust us, we know.  

So if you want to ignore the lovey-dovey stuff this February, how about forgetting Valentine’s Day and celebrating Galentine’s Day instead? Galentine’s Day is a formerly fictional holiday that falls on the 13th of February. The holiday was actually invented by the writers of Parks and Recreation and brought to the world through their character Leslie Knope - played by Amy Poehler. It salutes female friendship - in the words of Leslie ‘ladies celebrating ladies.’

Galentine’s Day has actually become a fairly big deal and beyond the screen groups of women get together every year to homage Leslie and show their love for their female friends. It is a made up holiday, but one that’s made it’s way into real life and for good reason. Our female friends are there for us through thick and thin, single and taken, rain or shine - don’t they deserve a day to celebrate them as much as your partner does? We think so. In the show, Leslie celebrated with a ladies-only breakfast and crocheted gifts, but may we suggest sex toys?

I mean, what did you think we would say?! We know that not everyone is comfortable talking sex with their friends, let alone giving sex toys as gifts - but surely your girl friends deserve the best of everything (including orgasms) and let’s be honest, sometimes a good sex toy is the only way to get that. So if you’d like to engage in this not-so-time-honoured tradition and fancy spicing things up a bit, here are our picks for some gifts for the ladies in your life!

  1. If you don’t want to go fully into the realm of giving your besties sex toys, how about this trio of massage candles? They’re fruit scented and when they melt they can be used for foreplay purposes or just moisturising yourself. Win, win.
  1. If your pal would be happiest with something she can eat, how about these Prosecco Flavoured Jelly Willies? We sell a few different edible willies, but these are by far the fanciest. Might as well lean into the vibes of the season.
  1. Speaking of vibes, this one is a good starter for your friend who is an utter sex toy newbie. It’s tiny, but packs a lot of punch with 7 different speeds. With an intro like this, this time next year she’ll be returning the favour with something like…
  1. The Jessica Rabbit Onyx- everyone knows that rabbits are the ultimate in vibrators. This particular version is a stylish, black mid-range vibrator that gets the job done and more.
  1. And finally, how about this luxury vibrator? It is on the higher end of sex toys but it’s worth every penny. It has 64 different settings and combinations, so no matter what she’s into your friend will for sure find a mode (if not many, many modes) that work for her. Maybe give this one to your bestie!

Remember, Valentine’s is just a day, but girlfriends are for life! Once you’ve got a great group of girls and an even better vibrator, what more do you need? Happy Galentine’s Day ladies!

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