First Time Sex Toy Buyers Guide

If you have never bought a sex toy or never even stepped foot inside a sex shop well it’s time to get on board. Everyday we see the rabbit in the headlights look of first timers who are terrified of what they see almost sneaking into the shop. We see the panic when they see there is more than one rabbit for sale and they’ll have to make a choice. We see huddled couples with himself petrified to be left alone in a reenactment of that lingerie scene from father Ted. Then after about 60 seconds they suddenly relax, shoulders drop and they realise Jesus it is just a normal shop.

First Sex Toys

This scene is played out 20 times a day everyday in PlayBlue shops. That first 60 seconds is like the fear before you jump into the sea and when you finally take the plunge you realise it's great or your balls shrivel up and you panic to get the fuck out as quickly as possible - look it's not for everyone lol.

In the past sex shops have been tainted with the creepy old mack wearing man buying DVDs not the most appealing image and something that is as from the reality as possible. PlayBlue shops are bright modern stores with welcoming discreet staff who are more than delighted to help or let you browse. We don’t sell DVDs (ah hello heard of the internet?) and over 60% of our customers are women. We really are here to help you achieve a happier sex life and why are we all embarrassed about that?

So for the first timer I wanted to give you a few tips to Buying your first Sex Toy.

  1. Get Lube - Most first timers fail at this one and it is the best sex advice you will ever get. Every single sex toy experience is improved 100 fold with lube. In Ireland traditionally we have been bad at getting lubricant but I promise you you won’t regret it. Just GET LUBE!
  2. Size Does Matter - I know the temptation is to go big or go home but don’t. If a sex toy is too big it is near useless, too small doesn’t exist, there is always fun to be had.
  3. Think Before you Buy - Think about exactly what you want and what it is going to be used for. Solo Play, Foreplay, Anal Play, Fun etc. Of course ask in store or online and we’ll try our best to help but really you need to have a little think what you would like to try first. 
  4. Go for an All-Rounder - First timers never really know what they want so go for an all-rounder. This will enable you to explore and discover what you really like. My general advice for women is a non-phallic silicone rabbit. It offers clit stimulation and/or penetration play in an intuitive to use package. For men a fanta flesh masturbator like a Main Squeeze or Fleshlight simple different experience. For couples a good quality silicone bullet vibe, universally pleasurable. But you know you best.
  5. Vibrators are not just for Her - Vibrators are the most versatile and universal sex toy there is. Penetration (vaginal or anal), Clitoral or Perinum or Frenulum play, Balls, Boobs, Inner Thighs need I go on. A simple bullet vibe and a little imagination and anyone can have incredible orgasms.
  6. If at First you don’t Succeed - The choice is incredible and the chances are some options are not for you. So if the first choice was not earth shattering take it as a learning experience about your body and sexual arousal. This is good, armed with more knowledge now try again.
  7. Don’t Break the Bank - Like everything in life, price is no guarantee of success. Especially for a first timer you don’t want to spend €150 on a sex toy you end up not liking. Buy a nice quality reasonably priced all-rounder. It is very rare your first sex toy will be your perfect match.
  8. Don’t Be embarrassed or Ashamed - If we just stop for a second and realise sex toys are all about having a better more fulfilling sex life. Why would anyone be embarrassed about that? At PlayBlue we have heard it all and I can guarantee no judgement and total discretion in all dealings with PlayBlue. We are all passionate and proud about what we sell.
  9. Finally Relax - It is all about having fun so don’t worry we don’t bite (unless asked).

Hopefully those tips make it a little less daunting. If you still are struggling let me direct you to a few of our absolutely all time favourites. We also have a specific category on our website for good first timer vibrators.

Power Vibe Rabby - One of our bestselling and favourites. A simple to use small rechargeable silicone vibrator that is surprisingly powerful.

Easy Toys Hand Wand - Again simple to use and can be used anywhere on the body him or her. Great for solo play or during sex to add that little extra.

Girl Next Door Tori - A great affordable Fleshlight copy that gives you an amazing sensual experience. 

I could go on but I think you get the idea. If you want to chat to someone about what to try please contact us on the Chat or via email or of course in store and we’d be delighted to get you started on a long fulfilling sex toy journey.

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