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Fifty Shades of Grey PlayBlue


We just had to get in on the act with our own take on Fifty Shades of Grey. Just in-case you’ve been marooned on a desert island and have just swam back to Ireland, Fifty Shades of Grey is the new book/phenomenon that has swept the world. Mummy Bondage porn as the new genre is now known has really arrived centre stage with Fifty Shades of Grey becoming one of the fastest selling books in history.


The three books Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades of Greed and Fifty Shades of Freed follow the lusty and erotic adventures of Anastasia (Ana) on her journey from naïve virgin to wanton sex slave for Billionaire Christian. Thousands of Irish women have now read this trilogy and would like to sample for themselves some of the new sexual adventures that had Ana screaming with pleasure.


Well at PlayBlue we hear you. We’ve created a new category especially for you called Fifty Shades of PlayBlue which contains tons of great toys and tools to help you on your new journey of discovery.


Before you pile in and buy up the shop I have a few tips for you to get the most out of your new found passion for bondage.


  1) Start light and small and discuss before you begin – Don’t just spring a leash and ball gag on your unsuspecting partner you may not get the reaction you hoped for. Have a chat one night in bed about the possibility of introducing some elements of fantasy into your sex-life and take it slow.


  2) Shop together – To make sure you both are singing from the same hymn sheet. Over a glass of wine one night have a browse and a giggle over some of the toys and props available.


  3) Buy small simple toys first like Ben Wa/Duo Balls, Furry Cuffs, A sexy blindfold, A Fantasy whip, all these are very cheap and easy to buy and will get you started on the road to bondage heaven without breaking the bank.


  4) Have Fun – This is not a task to perfect it is meant to be a little fun and a sexy new game. Try to lighten up and just have some erotic roleplaying fun. Take turns maybe being Ana and Christian you’ll be surprised what you might find a turn on.


Why not give it a go you have nothing to lose and loads to gain, now where did I put those handcuffs?

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