Fancy having Sex in Space?

It is something I actually think about. According to NASA no one has ever had sex in space, seems a little presumptuous to me to state that as fact like do they spy on the astronauts 24/7?. Whenever I read about a new astronaut spending the next 6 months in the space station, it is always the first thing I reckon I’d want to do if I was in space, have sex, surely someone has snuck on a vibrator on to the space station at least. Probably says more about me than anything.

I have this notion that weightless sex would be awesome but thinking about it I imagine it would not be easy. Every thrust is going to send me backwards and my partner flying. We’d need to keep a very tight grip on each other but at the same time make sure we don’t fly off and smash into the hull. Then I can imagine the clean up to be complicated and maybe for those lovers of the post-coital ciggie it would probably be a no go too I guess. Maybe I really have thought about this too much but I imagine the practice would be a laugh.

Sex in Space

Anyway it doesn’t look like I’m going to get the chance today or tomorrow to try it out but I can try the next best thing. Sex in a swing. One of us can feel the weightless out of control feeling while a partner can easily move and guide the action. Or with the more heavy duty swings both can sit in the swing with one on top and wait for the earth to move.

Sex swings are fun and something any couple looking for a new experience and a bit of a laugh should try out. We really sell only two types. The full service heavy duty version that needs to be bolted onto a strong support or beam. Allowing for full movement and a world of play options. 

The Bad Kitty Swing is a great choice here with a strong cross bar so the swing holds its shape and padded foot/thigh straps for extra comfort. Obviously this takes a bit of setup and basic DIY as you will need to secure the support bolt to a roof beam to ensure safe play. Once setup up though you are only limited by the space of the room and your imagination.

We also have a few over the door options which are cheaper and easy to use and setup. They are a great introduction to swing play. The EasyToys Over the Door Swing is a great option here. You just slide the two supports over the top of a strong door that will hold your weigh. Then close the door. This padded leg and bum supported swing allows you to try positions that are impossible in a bed. 

You will never experience sex like swing sex and for those who love really deep action you are in for an experience. Look maybe in the future Elon Musk will have us all in space riding like rabbits while staring at the stars but in the meantime a sex swing may just be a good way to practice.

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