Fancy being a Sex Toy Tester?

Sex Toy Tester ResultsAt PlayBlue we want our customers to make informed decisions to make sure they get the best advice possible. This is the only way to ensure you get the product that you really want.

We are looking for PlayBlue Sex Toy Testers to help us with this. If you live in Ireland and are interested in testing out some sex toys and then have a flair for writing about them we would love to hear from you.

To get involved just drop us an email to Sex Toy Testing and we’ll add you to the list of volunteers.

We may ask you for an example of your writing by possibly reviewing a product you already have to ensure your writing style and standards match our on. Obviously it would have to be an original piece.

Once you are accepted onto the list, then every time we have a new product to test we email out our volunteer list asking if they are interested in testing the product.

If you are available you email back and we select the testers for the product based on sex toy preferences, sex, and writing style past experience etc.

We then ship you the product free of charge of course and within a week you email back between 300-400 words review with at least 2 relevant product photos (nothing explicit)

You obviously get to keep the sex toy being tested.

That’s it!

We want the reviews to be fair and retain the right to make edits to the reviews where we feel the review could be a little clearer and objective.

Of course we’ll also publish the reviews on our online websites, facebook pages etc. we are happy for you to use an alias for review purposes.

Obviously everything is totally confidential and any correspondence is 100% discreet.

Finally a few little rules

     1) No expletives or coarse language will be accepted.

     2) Please spelling check the review as we can’t accept reviews with TXT style spelling of poorly written English.

     3) We reserve the right to remove you from the list of volunteers at any time without any reason given.

     4) No personal identifying information or explicit imagery in the review.

Interest? Why not drop us an email and get involved.


Update : We've had a flood of tester request so for now we're closing the book sorry, but keep checking as we might open again.

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