Even Our Competitors Say - PlayBlue is the Best

I was doing a search in Google for “PlayBlue” to see how we rank in search. Even though it is a little naughty for a competitor to be trying to trick customers into thinking they are PlayBlue, I was happy to see that even our competitors now agree we are the Best Adult Shop in Ireland.

A competitor is running Google Ads that looks like below

Google PlayBlue

I’ve blanked the competitor name out because with an Ad like that they really don’t deserve the exposure. I must say though I agree they have hit the nail on the head with that title lol.

You know you must be doing something right when all your competitors want to pretend to be you. I have no problem with a competitor buying Google Ads on our Name, no problem, we do the same on competitor names. But I would suggest trying to pretend to be us is a step too far and all it does is cause confusion with customers and surely shows a lack of honesty. 

Unless you actually check the company URL you would assume that by clicking on this Ad you are going to our website.

I promise from PlayBlue is we will never pretend to be anything but ourselves and why should we? We would never try to con people and will always try our best to treat everyone we have dealings with, with respect.

If you really are looking for PlayBlue I would advise everyone to just check the company name/url to ensure you really are connecting to us. If you do stumble across a competitor website just compare prices, selection, delivery and service and I also promise you’ll understand why that Ad Title is correct.

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