Ensure your Silicone Toys Last

So, you've invested in some top-notch silicone sex toys to spice up your life. But wait, do you know how to properly store them? If you just stick them in your bedroom locker the next time you get a little frisky you’ll pull it out and it’ll be covered in hairs, dust and might even have glued itself to your favourite dildo killing both toys - a serious mood killer and waste of money.

silicone sex toys

Why is proper storage important?

Silicone loves silicone if you throw a few silicone sex toys together in a drawer they will combine and morph into a useless silicone blob. Silicone is super cool and feels great but it is also delicate if it is not stored properly. It degrades and sucks up its surrounding clutter. Nobody wants a sad, floppy sex toy, right?

Please don’t put sex toys in airtight containers or plastic bags as they will ‘sweat’ and this is not going to end well for you or your sex toys. 

How to store silicone toys like a pro

First things first, make sure to clean your toys before storing them. Nobody wants a surprise sticky situation next time they reach for their silicone sex toy! Once clean, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Think of it as giving your toys a little vacation spot to chill out until their next use. Then for the best solution you should store each sex toy in its own bag. Some people use old socks but I don’t know, it kind of feels a bit grubby to me and the image of pulling my sex toy out of a sock might not set the right tone.

I would also store charging cables with the sex toys as some chargers are unique and once lost the toy becomes useless. If your sex toy has batteries take them out for storing as they might leak and kill your toy too.

Let me introduce - Satisfyer Treasure Storage Bag XL

The perfect solution is the Satisfyer Treasure Storage Bag. We only sell the XL version which is 39cm long and 19cm wide or 16 inches x 8 inches in old money. Plenty big for the vast majority of sex toys. It is made of hygienic soft material with a little drawstring for security and is super discreet.

We sell these beauties for only €4.95 (March ‘24) and they make the perfect addition to ensure you have a sex toy collection that lasts. Trust me when I say a little proper cleaning and storage makes that moment of pleasure when you reach for your sexy buddy the next time so much better then the groan if it is coated in dust and grime.

Finally prior to storage please make sure they are 100% dry, you really don’t want to be promoting the growth of little nasties and a pro-tip a little talc on silicone toys keeps them soft and supple for longer.

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