Dublin Super Express Deliveries Update

It has been 2 months now since we quietly introduced Super Express Deliveries in Dublin and I wanted to give you an update. It is absolutely f*&king awesome!! 

We have been blown away by the service and can-do attitude of the lads at GRAB. They pick-up 7 days a week around 12:30pm and deliver that same day throughout Dublin. Well over 95% of the orders are delivered that evening and I don’t think we have had a lost parcel yet in over 2 months with GRAB.

GRAB Same Day Dublin Deliveries

It is on the problem deliveries that you really find out their mettle and they have been incredible, ringing customers changing addresses on the fly, coming back out same day, whatever it takes to just get the delivery done right. James from GRAB has been in the PlayBlue warehouse more than I have, ironing out every crease and making sure it just works perfectly. 

GRAB Super Express delivery has an early pickup of 12:30pm meaning orders received before 12:30pm are delivered the same day. Orders placed after 12:30pm will miss pickup but will still be delivered the following day and that is 7 days a week (excluding bank holidays). At the moment during this soft launch we have been doing this for free but we may have to charge a little for their services in the future we’ll see we’ll make it free as long as we can.

It has definitely changed the ordering pattern in Dublin. We see more early orders especially over the weekends. I still imagine a couple in bed planning a sexy night in ordering and then a few hours later their new little bundle of pleasure arrives. 

I get a little kick out of customers emailing or ringing us in shock “I only ordered at 11am and I’ve just got delivery 5 hours later and it’s bleedin’ Sunday!???” It has helped us amazingly in our support effort as an order packed and delivered the same day really clears out any chance for a mess-up or delay or even a customer query. They also have great communication with customers and tracking with a picture of the door they delivered too ensuring we always have eyes on every package. 

We have definitely reached a point where we are trusting GRAB with our packages and look forward to growing our business with them. If there are any Dublin businesses out there reading this you really need to get on the GRAB delivery train if you want to wow your customers.

We are just waiting for GRAB to expand their services and allow us to offer their incredible service to more of our customers. Same Day Dildos anyone??

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