Doxy - Sex Toy Royalty

Doxy is a premium UK brand that really just focuses on what it’s good at. It has been an incredible success and is now the absolute standard bearer when it comes to massage wands. Synonymous with power and quality they really just do it right.

We first came into contact with Doxy at a trade show in the UK about 8 years ago, could be longer don’t quote me on that. They had a tiny booth and there was one guy there trying to sell the original doxy wand. The packaging wasn’t great and he was obviously not a born sales guy and looked to be struggling a bit to be honest. We picked it up and my God it could mix cement, we hadn’t held anything like it then or since. 

We agreed to take a box at a price to be honest I thought was crazy but once you pick up one as a customer you are buying it. We have been buying and selling them since.

Doxy Original

Very quickly it became evident it was an absolute winner and became the de-facto wand. To be honest we have not always kept up with the whole range available. 

The Doxy original wand has been our best selling wand for the last 8 years and we have always been impressed with the build quality and power it manages to deliver. The Doxy is simple to use, the original is plug in and the controls are super easy and intuitive. It also comes in 4 distinct colours. The only thing to beware of is that you don’t go too strong too fast, remember it's not a race.

Since the success of the original Doxy have released a range of products but we have been slow to add them. The Doxy Die Cast rechargeable is an obvious addition we have made. They have somehow managed to reproduce the Doxy power in a rechargeable. It ain't cheap but if the cable is an absolute no no for you this is the best solution.

The only other Doxy we sell is the solid aluminium Butt Plugs which are absolutely incredible. They are almost works of art and come delivered in a solid cast aluminium tube. Again these are not the cheapest Butt Plugs you will ever buy but they are the most impressive.

Doxy is a brand we are delighted to sell and we buy them direct from their exclusive distributor so I can guarantee they are manufacturer originals. Sad to say Doxy is one of those brands with loads of fake cheap knockoffs which have damaged the brand. I would say to anyone interested in buying a Doxy to make sure you buy it from a reputable retailer (like us) or I almost guarantee you will be disappointed. Almost weekly in-store we get customers coming in buying Doxys who have been screwed with fakes. If you see a Doxy for sale for €80 I can tell you now it ain't the real deal.

If you want a sure-fire guaranteed orgasm machine that will last years and you are willing to invest a few pound the Doxy has to be on your list. Solo play is it’s forte but as a couples toy the fun to be had is amazing. 

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