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Doctor PlayBlue

Working selling sex toys has taught me a couple of very simple lessons that I will always take with me.

First and foremost “Don’t make assumptions about people”. People talk to you about the strangest things when you work in a sex shop. I’m convinced that some customers think we’re doctors. On support we have long conversations about the most intimate aspects of their sex lives, when the same people would never speak to you outside of work. We are always delighted to offer any insight we might have and would love to think that we help people enjoy a better sex life, but I'm always fascinated and delighted about how open Irish people have become when talking about sex.

A few of the same topics come up (excuse the pun) again and again which is why we try to write down some general information about these common questions to help people who might be too shy to discuss pegging or masturbators or anything else with us. Our list of FAQ (frequently asked questions) and sex guides are growing all the time and any good helpful questions we get we add them to our ever growing database.

We also get loads of queries about the mechanics of ordering from PlayBlue. Is Delivery Free? Is it Discreet? What will be on the credit card? Etc. Any question you might have we have likely heard it before and have probably written a guide or answer to it somewhere already.
PlayBlue are always available to help either using the Zopim messenger directly from the website (bottom righthand corner of every page) or on the phone during office hours (10am-6pm) or of course 24/7 via email ( We answer every single question and are totally discreet and understanding, we really mean it when we say we are here to help its what really sets us apart.
So please if you have any question you might either be too embarrassed to ask or just want to clarify something before ordering just ask we promise we’ll try our best to answer it fairly, we are not in the game of trying to gouge our customers for money we will try our best to just help.
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