Disposable Sex Toys

I noticed in my everyday life pre-pandemic the high street was moving rapidly towards making plastic and disposable single use items the enemy. Then bang pandemic lockdown and nearly everything was wrapped in take-away single use plastic again and it has been very slow to come back. You can see it beginning to come back to life but much more slowly. Single use cups are no longer the faux pas they were becoming.

This is also hopefully going to take place in sex toys and lingerie too. We sell a load of super cheap sex toys that realistically are not designed to last. They are created for people to try out or to have a laugh with but then disposed of. I have always hated them. I know we sell them because unfortunately there is still a big demand for them and you know PlayBlue is always about satisfying customers.

Fuck Each other not the Planet

We’ve been quietly almost on the sly killing off these single use toys over time without anyone noticing, there are now very few left and we plan to add no more. But it is also going to take a move from the customer away from these disposable items.

Most of the time it also makes little sense. For instance a classic disposable item was cheap masturbators like the old Tenga eggs. You can get a great masturbator like the Tori Girl Next Door, that you can enjoy again and again for around €19. The old disposable ones were around €10. Surely it is worth spending the couple of extra euro to have a much better sex toy and save the planet while you wank ;-)

I know it is a little hypocritical of us to be talking save the planet when we sell silicone and plastic sex toys often wrapped in plastic packaging but we need to start somewhere and moving away from single use toys is a start. Then maybe we can try to sell sex toys with little or no packaging if customers would accept them. There is also the move in the sex toy industry to make sex toys much more sustainably which is great and bound to become the norm over time. 

We always reuse supplier packaging and have removed invoices from packages. For us it is a little bit of a balancing act as we first and foremost have to ensure all packages we ship are secure and discreet so it does take a little more packaging then normal. The best solution is for customers to purchase sex toys designed to last so replacements and not needed . This is a win-win really as a quality sex toy built to last will be much better then the cheap disposable toys giving you a much better experience.

Another fantastic option is to pop in-store in either Tallaght or Cork and we will be able to advise and seriously reduce packaging and as an added bonus you get to chat sex toys to one of our fantastic staff members.

Electrical Sex toys can be disposed of like any other electrical device with a few additions, obviously these toys are often in need of hygienic disposable so please give them a very good clean prior to disposal then these are then exactly like a hair dryer in terms of disposal. 

We should all try harder, I get that and every little thing we can do counts.

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