Designer Plugs and Tails

Anal Play in Ireland is now big. There has been an explosion of anal sex toy purchases in the last 5 years and the market is just sprinting ahead with new designs and creations.

One niche that I’ve loved watching is designed plugs and tails. These are not just functional anal play sex toys but are often like works of art. Designed with the aesthetic in mind. Wearing them can throw you into a world of role play and make you struct with confidence. A tail will, I promise you, make you feel different and the only choice is if this is something you want to explore.

Butt Plugs as Jewelry

At PlayBlue we have built up a lovely collection of Jeweled Butt Plugs that will ensure you look your best. These are also not just about looks with weighted quality silicone, metal and glass options all available. Look most of us love a little bling and when it comes to butt plugs we are no different so don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle.

A couple of my favourites to consider :-

Jewelled PLugs

Diamond Heart Butt Plug

This comes in a large and a small and is soft silicone wrapped with a jeweled heart shaped base. Looks great and feels better. Simple to use and a nice starter option.

Diamond Silicone Plug Set

These multi-pack multi-sized sets are just perfect for beginners through to anal play experts. You can choose how big to go and it lets you progress as you grow more comfortable. Again silicone (my favourite) they feel and look amazing.

Precious Metals Heart Shaped Plug

Finally if you are looking for something more substantial with temperature play options it’s hard to ignore metal. Metal plugs have that slightly more erotic bdsm vibe and I always feel a little I don’t know “harder” does that even make sense? Looks great and is available in silver or gold.

Tails of all sorts

We stock a nice range of butt plug tails from bunny, fox, horse, devils and even silicone dog tails. Again we are talking high quality butt plugs so you still get all the magic anal play action combined with the role playing swagger of your own tail.

Is there anything cuter than a little fluffy bunny tail now combine that image with the firm yet supple curves of your partner’s ass and you are beginning to see the attraction. A tail will add a little naughty role play action to your sexy play time and I defy anyone to not get a little excited watching their partner strut about the bedroom swishing a sexy red foxes tail. 

A few of our best are

Anal Tails

Fox Tail Silver

My personal favourite, this is a seriously touchable swishy foxes tail. Just a delight to wear and feels like a real tail that really forces you to play along. The plug isn’t too big so open to all comers and something you will wear often I guarantee it.

Bunny Tail Plug No 1

Be your  very own duracell bunny in the bedroom with this butt filler. So soft and fluffy it will be impossible to not touch and shake which will add a little frenetic bunny action to your lovemaking.

Dog Silicone Tail - Pointy

Something a little different, this is a silicone pointy tail. It works like a magic wand because as soon as you slide it on you will turn into a tail wagging puppy looking for fun mischief and play time. Just don’t doing anything too bad or you will have to be scolded!

There is no reason you can’t have a little fun with your plugs because sex and sex toys is all about fun. Any of the above will add a little something to any couples anal play and might actually be a great way to introduce the idea of anal play. If you make it a little game or fun role play something new might just be easier. Just be prepared for where it might lead.

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