Delivery That is Too Fast!

Have you ever ordered something online and then immediately regretted it? Maybe you realized you didn't need that novelty inflatable unicorn after all, or that drunken selection of an 18" Monster alien dildo might not look so magic in the morning. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need to hit that cancel button. We understand that but a word of warning with PlayBlue you gotta be quick.

Too Fast, Too Furious

Super fast delivery sounds like a dream come true, right? You click "buy" and before you know it, your package is already at your doorstep. But what if you realize you made a mistake? What if you suddenly remember that you're allergic to inflatable unicorns? (It happens to the best of us.) What if you realise you need to pay for stuff like food and rent. It's a bit of a catch 22 you don't want to wait too long for delivery super fast is good right but you also sometimes want to cancel. 

Cancelling - No Time to Waste

We have this pick, pack and ship don't pat. We have staff ready to go once the orders hit and with multiple courier pick-ups a day it is generally gone in a flash. Once that order is placed, it's like a race against the clock if you ever want to cancel. So if you ever find yourself with buyers remorse here is what you do. If it has been a few hours you are probably too late it's packed. Most people send an email requesting to cancel. If we can i.e it hasn't shipped yet we will and refund it no problems. If not we'll let you know. If you hear nothing call us and we'll do it right away if we can, but alas, if it's already too late. The delivery truck is already en route, ready to drop off your regret-filled purchase.

If it is too late - What now?

So, what's a customer to do in this situation? To be honest most customers who receive a parcel they tried to cancel keep it. I suspect the curiosity and excitement of having your sexy present in your hands is a little too much. If you can resist you always have our standard returns options so don't worry we want you to be happy to play with our sex toys and if you want you can always cancel.

Next time you're tempted by the allure of our super fast delivery, just be aware what fast delivery really looks like. 

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