Come On Ireland - Grow Up!

Grow Up IrelandPre-warning this is a little bit of an angry rant, but I feel angry. Two recent events have changed how I think about Ireland and our attitudes to sex. They are totally unrelated events, the first was at a recent trade show we met a Finnish guy who runs an online sex shop in Finland. Did you know Finnish people buy 400% more adults toys based on population then Irish. Thinks about it 400%, 4 times more, what is holding us Irish back?.

The second thing was a close relative was very ill recently and it got me thinking like it does in all these life threatening situations, what are we waiting for? What is holding us back? My relative is 81 and I heard he had plans to meet up with a childhood friend who moved overseas next year. He’s 81 and has been unwell what the hell was he waiting for?

These two thoughts just got me thinking in Ireland we hold an awful lot of fear in relation sex especially if you grew up in Catholic Ireland. I’d say the vast majority of Kilkenny people have never been in our Sex Shop in the city centre and will probably never be in it, in case they ‘might be seen’. Good God isn’t it sad in 2017 that this attitude is still pervasive in Ireland.

Look we all have sex and we all masturbate, we all know it too, but yet if you were ‘seen’ going into a sex shop you’d die of embarrassment?

It actually gets me a little mad to think so many of us (me included) let what others think or sure I’ll do that next year attitude stop us from trying everything we want to do in life, from travel, adventures and everything else.

There are hundreds of fantastic sex toys to enhance your sex life and to experiment with that offer some incredible experiences, and don’t tell me you are totally uninterested, we hear that all the time and I can tell you now EVERYONE is curious. But if you decide to let parish-think or fear stop you from trying a few out it really is only your loss.

It is high time we dropped this latent Catholic guilty around anything to do with sex, live and let live and anything (legal) consenting adults want to try out is absolutely fine we me, shouldn’t it be the same with you too?

Come on Ireland Grow Up!

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